8 Top Solar Security Lights

Security Lights are the need of the 21-century generation. It is used to detect criminal activity on our properties and create a sense of safety.

Solar-powered security lights are one among them. They are cost-effective, energy-saving, and can work in all kinds of weather conditions. They come with a Solar Panel to store as much sunlight and turn them to electricity.

They are equipped with upper PIR Motion Sensor technology to detect any kind of motion and powerful LEDs which work on different types of modes.

They can be used for household and business or Office purposes as well. For example Lighting in Garage, Stairs, Garden, Backyard, Balconies, Terrace, Pool, Entrance, front doors, etc.

These days these Solar Security Lights come in different designs, sizes, and features according to the need. So let’s explore some of the best

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1.Boritoys Solar Wall Lights

This item is incredible for those searching for a sun-powered security light with a more extensive reach and longer range. This item is one pack with three powerful lights.

The lights are rotatable to whatever edge you need. It is a movement initiated and IP65 waterproof.

The light is openly rotatable. You could pick 900, 450, or 3500 for either the sidelights or the middle lights separately. The lights are IP65 waterproof. They are additionally warmth and ice safe. Also, the item is anything but difficult to introduce as well.


  • Powerful motion sensors
  • Rotatable30 LED powerful lights
  • IP65 Waterproof technology
  • Heat and frost resistant

2. A-Zone Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

This Solar Security light looks more like a CCTV security camera with solar panels fixed above it.

This solar security light comes with a PIR motion sensor, adjustable solar panel, and IP66 protection against water.

This light has all the features of a solar security light to make secure your home.
Its light is very bright with an intensity of 800 lumens lumen from 8 LED beads.

It is weathered control and adjustable to any place.


These solar security Lights are a great fit for those looking for longer durability. It comes with a motion sensor, 130 degrees wide Angle security light and it is weathered control.

WESTINGHOUSE SOLAR SECURITY LIGHTS comes with a 37V 4000 mAh Lithium battery.

The motion sensor has a sensing range of 130 degrees and can detect objects from a distance of 34 feet.

The lamps 80 solar LEDs produce lights with an intensity of 2000 lumens which is very bright. The lamp is handy and adjustable. You can adjust it according to your space.

It comes with 3 lighting modes
1. ON
2. OFF
3. AUTO On ( when it detects motion with timer option)

This solar security lamp can be used in front doors, patio, garage, garden, etc.


  1. Motion sensor
  2. Heat and Frost resistance
  3. Adaptable design
  4. Durable
  5. Different modes to select

4. SUNTALL Solar Lights Outdoor

Meet the new powerful SUNTALL solar lights which run in every weather.

The power of so bright super LED lights enables us to store as much energy from the sun by efficient Solar Panel.

Now light your space outside at night with security lights its installation is hassle-free hi, no wiring needed. Just attach it with screws and install it anywhere.

It comes with a motion sensor for security which turns on with LED lights automatically at the dusk and goes off with the light in the day.

It is built with IP65 waterproof technology.
This product is a great fit for those looking to turn their dull outdoor like yards, pathways, garden, garage, balconies, backyards, etc. to a brighter place.


The LITOM classic little however bright, a combination of high power light-emitting diode beads with the innovative wide-angle style.

Litom star sensor motion lights improve the sunshine utilization associate quality by 25% and lighting angle by 50%. The illumination of one wireless motion sensor light varies from 200 square feet while it is 800 square feet when 4 lights are used at the same time.

It comes with three modes of lighting
_High light Detector mode_

_Dim lightweight detector mode_

_medium light stays On mode to Accord with different lighting desires.

The upper sensitivity of the motion detector makes it quite ideal particularly once it involves security measures.

Furthermore, it is Waterproof, easy to install, good for outdoor garage, backyards, garden, and many more.

6.  Utech 118 High Bright Solar LED Lights

This item is incredible for those searching for security lights with varied and updated abilities.

The Utech 118 brags of overhauled sun oriented boards for snappier charge and higher force productivity, 3 light settings, and 1P65 waterproof. It is anything but difficult to introduce, ideal for pathways, the carport, and terrace lighting.

The item utilizes redesigned sun based boards through mono-crystalline silicon which gives it faster charge and higher force effectiveness up to 24%.

It comes with 3 Lighting Modes

1. All Lighting Mode — charges in the day and stay on all night.

2. Dim light sensor mode — charges in the day and stays On all night with dim unless any motion is detected. After detecting motion it emits very bright light for 15-30 sec then goes back to dim.

3. Motion sensor mode — charges in the day, and turns On only when motion is detected in the dark. It emits powerful bright light on detecting motion which stays for 15-30 sec.

For ideal security, dim light sensor mode II is encouraged to be picked.


  • Wideangle induction
  • Fast-charge
  • Expanded force productivity (up to 24%)
  • Accessibility of various lighting modes
  • Waterproof and Weather safe

 7. LAMPAT Outdoor Solar Security Lights

LAMPAT solar security lamp comes with 90 LEDs for powerful lighting. It comes in a pack of 2. Its solar panel is made of polycrystalline matter which makes it highly efficient for the conversion of sunlight to electricity.

It comes with IP65 Waterproof technology
It has built-in motion sensor
It has two Lighting mode
A. On mode – Lights are On automatically when it is dark
B. Auto On – Lights turn On automatically only if it detects motion.

It’s PIR motion sensor can detect the motion up to 16.4 feet and across 120 degrees.
It is handy and easy to install no wiring required.
It is weathered control i.e, it will keep working in any weather hence it is Durable.

Suitable for lighting on walls, garden, lawns, patio, driveways, pool, etc.

8. LUSCREAL Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

This product is great for those trying to find wireless and waterproof solar powered security lights. The merchandise comes with a dual electrical device plus 82 LEDwhich gives brightness to 1640 lumens.

It has 20 LEDs on all sides to extend wider and brighter lighting by 50%.it’s equipped with Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors which may detect people, cars, and animals up to 26 feet.

Additionally, it’s lighting angle of 2700 and comes with no control buttons; the lights are automatically activated after the motion is detected. They’re waterproof and simple to put in.


  • Dual solar panels for prime speed charge
  • Passive infrared sensors for long-range motion detection.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • 1 year of after-sales service

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