10 Best Solar Fence Charger in 2021

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Green energies are Eco-friendly and cost-effective. While foreseeing the future of many areas they are converting and using the Natural energies for their well-being. Taking electricity from the Sun and thus called Solar power is such one. 

Villagers and small-town areas are using solar power to make Solar fence chargers to guard the cattle against humans and wild animals who prey on small animals. The major advantage is their low cost.

Unlike the normal electric cords or battery-powered fences, a solar-powered fence charger uses a Small PV photovoltaic panel to collect and convert sunlight into energy, which stores in the battery, and then a fence can be charged through sunlight hours and run independently through the night.

Solar Fence chargers are greatly used in keeping field owners’ livestock contained, crops free from animals, and low electricity bills.

What to look for in solar fence chargers

  • Volts vs joules- One joule per mile of fence is the recommended value. The bigger the better until the point that induction occurs. The induction will power the gate and neutral wires when the voltage is high. When voltage nears 7000 induction will occur.
  • Durability- Power withhold time is important in chargers. When it is fully charged solar powered fence energizers store enough battery life to extend its life until two weeks with no sunlight exposure.
  • Weatherproof-So these types of chargers have to withstand the weather conditions to an extent. Since the crop field may experience chilly rain and wind heavily. The weatherproof mechanism has to be designed in a way to handle these situations.
  • Quality-Quality of the chargers matters most as it has to cover the vast area to reach its capacity.
  • Install-Installing the chargers should take minimum skill so that everyone can tackle that. Charge them for two days fully and then the installation is easy.
  • Type of solar fence-What kind of animals we are guarding with no extensive damage to their lives. It should provide solutions to cater the most farm types such as stud, cattle, sheep, and goat farms. From small lifestyle blocks to large stations.
  • The portable-Solar fence should be designed as portable and lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Sturdy-Sturdy is enough to withstand weather conditions and is ready to be used on the farm.
  • Earthing- A good earth is essential for getting decent performance from a charger. Earth rods are the cheapest components so make sure to buy the best from the market.
  • Manufacturers-Note about the manufacturers who provide service after installation efficiently is the key point to get noted in solar fence chargers.

List Of 10 Best Solar Fence Charger

Solar Fence Chargers are the prime object in farm fields to safeguard their cattle from wild animals. It will be efficient for farmers and owners of the farm. Keeping in mind their battery power all opt for solar fence chargers.

Electricity bill is the major problem they face in installing gigantic machines in their field. To alternate, this cost-effective option comes in handy.

Battery power from daylight and it extends till two weeks with no hindrance. Easy handling of the Chargers and easy maintenance plays a major role in using these solar fence chargers. Let us see some Market ready and Efficient solar Fence Chargers below.

1.Zareba ESP5M Solar Electric Charger

Best Solar Fence Charger,Zareba ESP5M Solar Electric Charger

 Zareba Charger creates itself among the high-rated energizers at present. This comes with an installed mounting bracket for T-post, Y-post, and round post and allows free three-dimensional rotation.

Product details – 

  • Power source-Solar
  • Distance Rating- 5 Miles
  • Output energy-.10 output joules
  • Animal controlled-Horse, bull, pig.
  • Weight-5.65 pounds
Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger, Black & ITY-Z Standard Snug-Fitting T-Post Insulator, 25 per Bag
  • Energizes up to 5 miles of electric fencing
  • Operates up to 2 weeks without sun
  • Built in mounting bracket for Tposts, Yposts, and round wood posts
  • 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-post to face sunlight
  • Fits securely on standard (1-1/4 or 1.33) studded t-post

What we love – 

It’s a seamless mounting. It has a slotted mounting bracket on the back of the chargers. Install the chargers on any type of post and then rotate it on the pole to follow the sun as needed. To mount on flat and wall surfaces install a hanging screw to hold it.

Easy-grip terminals knobs connect your ground rod and the live fence wire.

Tracking the fence status is the best feature that allows a quick spot check on your fence and shows when solar power is flowing from its internal storage battery.

What we don’t love – 

 It requires compromise on sheerness.

Short projection range of only 5 miles

Our Verdict – 

Highly recommend using these solar fence chargers to your field since it has high power capacity and is easy to install with no technical guidance. Can give power up to 14 days when any dull weather and no sunlight is showing for long. Its durability, heatproof, and weatherproof are the key details to be noted.

2.Parmak Magnum Solar Pak 12 Electric Fence Charger

Parmak Magnum Solar Pak 12 Electric Fence Charger

It has a longer range of energizing so it is widely used in larger pastures and excluding wildlife.

Durability is high since this product combats crisp, rough conditions of the outside extraordinary. It has a lower impedance of maximum power supply and thus longer life for work. Good value for money spent.

It is made of the latest technology, an up-to-date algorithm for modern usage, and a new and innovative product.

Product details – 

  • Power source-Solar
  • Distance rating-30 miles
  • Output energy—3.1+joules
  • Weight-22.1 pounds
Parmak 6 Volt Solar-Powered Fencer Battery Black
  • Replacement Battery for Parmak Solar Powered Fencers
  • (Models DF-SP-LI and DF-SP-SS)
  • Sealed
  • Leak proof

What we love – 

It has a battery and is rechargeable. About its coverage of 30 miles, is the vast area to monitor under this solar fence charger. Its low impedance has to be considered. It is modern and comes with the latest technology. Good warmth and high brightness.

What we don’t love – 

Since we can list all the key features and we assure it can give those factors efficiently only when they give us warranty period. No mention of warranty is the big factor which disappoints about this product.

 Our Verdict – 

It’s a modern and innovative technology installed in the charger that helps us to ease in the mechanism. Battery power and extensive coverage keeping in mind we can buy this product.

3.Gallagher S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Gallagher S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger

This solar fence charger can carry anywhere too remote, underdeveloped locations without a proper power supply. It covers linear electric fencing ranges and multiple line fencing ranges.

Gallagher is safe from the damage caused by heavy weather conditions.

Product details – 

  • Power source-Solar
  • Distance rating-3 miles
  • Output energy-0.5 joules
  • Weight-4.59 pounds
Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Charger | Powers Up to 4 Miles / 18 Acres of Fence | Solar Lithium Technology, 0.12 Stored Joule Energizer | Built-in Earthing | Portable and Super Tough
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE – The S12 Electric Fence Charger is compact and easy to install and move, making it the ideal solution for strip grazing and improved pasture management. Powers up to 4 miles of perimeter fence and covering approximately 18 acres of land.
  • PORTABLE AND SUPER TOUGH SOLAR FENCE ENERGIZER: The Gallagher S12 fence charger is a portable, super tough unit that’s quick and easy to install and comes with built-in solar panels and an internal lithium battery. Simply mount on a suitable steel rod and connect to your fence.
  • PEACE OF MIND OF A RELIABLE SOLAR ENERGIZER, WHATEVER THE WEATHER - Gallaghers Lithium battery, high efficiency solar panel and smart digital control provides reliable power in harsh low light conditions. Set and forget for reliable power 24/7.
  • UNIQUE EARTH MOUNTING SYSTEM – The S12 Solar Electric Fence Charger can be mounted directly onto a ringtop post or metal rod up to 0.5" (13mm) thick. The metal post acts as a stand PLUS earth system for your energizer. No earth/ground lead required.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Gallagher is the trusted name in animal management solutions. The S12 Lithium Solar Energizer comes backed by a full 3 Year manufacturers warranty. Order it with no risk today.

What we love – 

It has an exclusive battery-saving technology that works till 21 days if there is no sunlight to show. Ideal for managing unattended places like farms, barns, and gardens. It is very much ideal and pocket-friendly for the owners. It has 360-degree rotation and easy installation features have to be noted.

What we didn’t love – 

Low range power and its projection are only 3 miles.

Our verdict – 

Since the low power range, we can buy a better saving technology for this pocket-friendly pocket-friendly us so much by saving energy efficiency and can be used without any disturbances like bad weather conditions.

4.Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Electric Fence Charger

This solar fence charger can shock through wet weeds or dense bushes. It checks its function with its built-in performance meter which keeps track. Ideal for use in patio, porch, yard, and lawns.

Product details – 

  • Power source-Solar
  • Distance rating-Small to medium pastures
  • Output energy-1.4 joules
  • Weight-11.33 pounds
Parmak Garden Gard Electric Fence KIT
  • Fence controller operates on either a 12V battery or by using the 110V AC power adapter (both adapters included)
  • Power line convenience or 12V battery operated fence charger
  • Low Impedance – safe to use with all types of fencing
  • Indicator light flashes to show fence charger operation
  • 100% American Made

What we love – 

It has a long projection range of up to 20 miles and has low impedance to recover the battery. Easy installation and usage. Manufactured by the USA.\

What we didn’t love – 

It’s of high price but doesn’t survive high weather.

Our verdict – 

It can be used for a small patio and porch since its mileage cover is small, suitable for that. Are you looking for some small area you can go for this solar fence charger?

5.Zareba ESP 10M Solar Electric Fence Charger

Zareba ESP 10M Solar Electric Fence Charger

This solar fence charger can use aluminum wire, steel wires, and polytopes. It has preferably good thickness. This is manufactured and tested in the USA.

Product details – 

  • Power source-Solar
  • Distance rating-10 miles 
  • Output energy-0.15 joules
  • Weight-4.11 pounds
Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger, Black & RSVT8 Eight-Light Voltage Tester
  • Product 1: Energizes up to 5 miles of electric fencing
  • Product 1: Operates up to 2 weeks without sun
  • Product 1: Built in mounting bracket for Tposts, Yposts, and round wood posts
  • Product 1: 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-post to face sunlight
  • Product 2: Helpful for finding fence line faults

What we love – 

It worked for 14 days without any power supply. Easy installation is a long energizing ability. Low impedance with user-friendly features.

What we didn’t love – 

 Climate change is tougher in fields. So withstanding the situation is a must for chargers like this. But this is not durable in tougher climates.

Our verdict – 

If you’re looking for a solar fence charger with which you can practice how it works and is designed you can buy this product for the learning process.

Other Solar Fence Chargers worth considering :

FI- shock ESP2M solar fence charger

The very short range of electric energy fencing 

Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger, Black & Fi-Shock FW-00018D 250-Feet 17 Gauge Spool Aluminum Wire
  • Product 1: Energizes up to 5 miles of electric fencing
  • Product 1: Operates up to 2 weeks without sun
  • Product 1: Built in mounting bracket for Tposts, Yposts, and round wood posts
  • Product 1: 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-post to face sunlight
  • Product 2: Tensile strength: 38,000 PSI

Gallagher S40 electric fencer

Three-dimensional mounting capacity with lightweight and durable features.

Cllena 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller & DC to DC Battery Charger Monitor LCD Display Meter for BS126030 / BS123020 / B2B1260 / B2B1230
  • LCD display the charging current, battery voltage, charge power, PV power, charge capacity.
  • Charge AH values can be return to zero anytime.
  • Backlight brightness adjustable.
  • Installation is simple and convenient.

FI Shock EAC 10 M electric fence energizer

Works efficiently in weed studded areas.

Compact Dryer Clothes Portable Electric Small Front Loading Laundry Machine 110V
  • Features: 1. Superior drying performance 2. Universal front load dryer 3. Efficient and silent tube 4. High quality and large capacity 5. Portable and compact design 6. With high-end LED control screen; LED light touch
  • Specifications: 1. Model: GYJ40-88C1-E 2. Dimensions: 600*435*700mm 3. Weight: 22KG 4. Material: ABS Control Panel, STS Drum, Plastic Door window 5. Brand: ZOKOP 6. Color: White 7. Rated Current A: 3.5A 8. Rated Input Power W: 1450W
  • Package Includes: 1 x Dryer machine 1 x Instruction Manual
  • The household dryer is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and has a long service life. The integrated visual window allows you to monitor the clothes as they dry.
  • The compact and stable design can save more space, and the wall-mounted installation can be placed on a solid horizontal floor or rack, which is very suitable for apartments, dormitories, stalls or RVs. It can be easily cleaned and maintained with a soft damp cloth.

Patriot PS 5 Solar Energizer

It can operate in unknown, remote, and non-operated areas.

Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger, Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Cables & LED Flashlight, 5 Output Ports, 3 Input Ports, Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet
  • 【30000mAh High Capacity】 The solar charger power bank is built-in 30000mAh battery, enough to charge iPhone 11 for 8 times, Samsung Galaxy s21 for 6 times, iPad Pro for 3 times. Compatible with most of smartphones, tablets, earphones, cameras and other devices. Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing... (Please charge it for 24 hours before first use)
  • 【Solar Power Bank w/Built in 4 Cables】 The solar power bank is equipped with 5 output ports and 3 input ports, including [1 built-in Type C cable, 1 built-in Micro cable, 1 built-in Apple cable, 2 USB output ports] and [1 built-in USB input cable, 1 Type C input port, 1 Micro input port]. The portable charger can support charging 6 devices simultaneously, plus wireless charger.
  • 【Wireless Solar Charger】 Instantly charge your phones, tablets or earbuds simply by placing them in the center of solar charger pad (Please press the power button to active wireless charging function). Never fuss around with plugging and unplugging cables again, just place it and charge automatically (Note: Only Qi-enabled devices are compatible with the wireless charging function.)
  • 【LED Emergency Flashlight】 The portable solar charger is equipped with LED flashlight, there are three lighting modes (Bright Light/SOS/Strobe). Please long press the power button to turn on the LED flashlights, click the power button to change mode, and double press the button to turn off the light. A must for camping, hiking, long trips and home emergencies.
  • 【Solar Panel & Service】 Solar power bank can recharge through wall plug or direct sunlight. It normally takes solar charging feature as an emergency purpose, rather than the main power source. Made of premium ABS material, IPX5 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, keep your solar chargers durable under any condition. Provide 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy.

Zareba ESP 2M solar fence charger

Low impedance technology that prolongs high battery life.

Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger, Black & RSVT8 Eight-Light Voltage Tester
  • Product 1: Energizes up to 5 miles of electric fencing
  • Product 1: Operates up to 2 weeks without sun
  • Product 1: Built in mounting bracket for Tposts, Yposts, and round wood posts
  • Product 1: 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-post to face sunlight
  • Product 2: Helpful for finding fence line faults

What do we mean by a ‘Solar Fence Charger’ and how does it work

A solar fence charger is a machine that is used in farms and fields to ensure the animals and battles are safe inside the field. Solar fence charger is handy for the owners to safeguard their fields from any disruption and with cost-effective tools.

Solar fence chargers work with sunlight. It converts sunlight rays energy into electric energy by the battery fixed inside the charger This battery withholds the power derived from sunlight.

Why use a Solar Fence Charger? 

Ensuring the safety of one’s factories, fields and properties is the chief concern. As its technology is modernized and unconventional effectively and efficiently the best choice in safeguarding properties.

It is also using renewable resources and solar power as its main functionality.

It is the best alternative to electric fences where the loss of life risk is high. But solar fences provide minimal shock when something comes in contact with it ensuring no loss of life.

Are they worth it over other conventional options? 

Yes, very much when we think about easy construction and maintenance.

Does not cause fatal incidents.

Easy shifting, extension, and rectification without much wastage of materials.

A direct source of energy to your land from outside costs you heavily. Switching to solar-powered don’t worry about the supply as the power comes constantly from the sun.

Does not need any labor to do the maintenance as it involves simple techniques.

Should you just DIY the Solar Fence Charger? 

DIY seems easy since the Market has many options to go with according to your needs. You can get effective solar fence chargers in your budget.

There are solar fence chargers that can work in remote areas. So the technique behind is well constructed by the manufacturers.

The key is to find out the efficient manufacturers who test the solar chargers well.

 But if you are aware of all the mechanisms involved in assembling, you can do it with a minimal amount compared to the market value.\


  • Budget-friendly and can save some money
  • Flawless operations
  • Better safety compared to conventional fences
  • Flexibility
  • Temporary fencing needs met
  • Eco-friendly power
  • Days of use without sun is high
  • No more utility bills


  • If your region face dull weather, you may run into trouble charging
  • Cleaning-Solar panel needs manual cleaning as dust and dirt block the sun which will be difficult for the charger to work efficiently.
  • It is not effective for large-scale farmers.


  • Does the Solar Fence charger battery last long?

Solar fence chargers work through every inch of land. When fully charged solar-powered fence energizers last up to two weeks with no Sunlight exposure.

  • The best direction to point the solar panel

In the northern hemisphere, the solar panel should face towards the true south and the southern true north. When placed like this solar panels will get light throughout the day.

  • What does low impedance mean?

In simple words, low impedance means the fence charger is designed to effectively shock through vegetation and other foreign matters that come in contact with charged wires.

  • What is a joule?

It is a measurement of heat in the British Thermal Unit (BTU). The amount of heat generated for a specified time equals a joule.

  • Which fencers to use based on various needs?

The application of fences varies from controlling pets like cats, dogs to domestic livestock. Cases, horses, and sheep control wild animals, bears, and elephants in some places. The model you choose depends on the fence construction and animal control.

Tips and tricks to use Solar Fence Chargers

  1. Use it effectively in your required space. Don’t buy high-power energy for small areas. You know about your field capacity to hold so use it wisely for the long run of the chargers.
  2. Charge the solar fence chargers when not needed for the field beforehand to tackle situations.
  3. Battery backup can be taken for further use.
  4. Use it for smaller areas like lawn, garden to know the functionality first and then go for a large area to cover the maximum gains.

So the solar fence chargers are the safest and low-cost method that can be used for small agricultural areas. Small areas are covered effectively in these solar fence chargers. Hot climate areas get added advantages of its energy from the sun is high throughout the day.

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