10 Best Solar Powered Flashlights in 2021

With the influence of technology, the last decade has seen a rise in various solar devices such as flashlights, lanterns, backpacks, and many others. The use of solar-powered devices has been promising to Mother Nature. Say, Solar Flashlights, you may think that these are designed or used for crests. You’re not wrong, but besides camping, these devices offer various functions and uses that are not only limited to outdoor activities. Solar flashlights look like regular flashlights and are an ingenious invention that allows us to save energy, is handy, and is environmentally friendly. It uses sunlight and converts it into electrical energy and uses LED rather than the incandescent light bulb. You can easily enhance the Solar Flashlight’s power by keeping it on the window, exposed to the sun, when not in use. When choosing a solar flashlight, it is crucial to have much-needed information about various solar flashlights available in the market. This article aims to deliver The best solar flashlights in 2021 and help you look for the best. 


What to Look For in a “Solar Flashlight”

  • Brightness: Always look for the lumens of the light before purchasing. The best solar flashlight provides advanced bulb, battery, and circuitry technology.
  • Alternative charging: For a convenient experience while using the flashlight, you can now connect most solar flashlights with a USB cable. Though, a hand crank is the most reliable option for alternative charging.
  • Beam Distance: Beam distance is how far the light will shine before it diminishes and is measured in meters. The length will vary with the brightness selected. Adequately, full moon lumination is considered safe for travel. 
  • Battery: Compare the charging and battery backup to have a stable performance. Generally, an excellent solar flashlight will last up to 5 hours before it gets perished.
  • Run Time: Check the Runtime graph. If available, it illustrates how long it takes for the light output to drop to 10%. It is usually for each light setting.
  • Lighting modes: Check for the solar flashlight for the various modes. It is essential when using a flashlight while camping at night, or at times you may need help. It varies on different uses, based on your needs.
  • Water Resistance: Water resistance is an essential factor if you’re using the solar flashlight light at times of rain or around bodies of water.
  • Quality: Quality is a priority and the first thing you need to look at before purchasing the solar flashlight, making a huge difference. Always go for high-quality material or recognized trusted brands.
  • Weight and Size: Weight and size play an important factor while selecting the solar flashlight. A larger, heavier unit is not necessarily brighter but has better battery life. Generally, small, compact, and easy to access is always the better option.
  • Additional Accessories:  The lens filter, for example, is sold separately, but when used with a solar flashlight, it provides better lighting options.

List Of 10 Best solar flashlight

Solar flashlight provides unlimited light as long as it is charged while the sun is up. We’ve covered a comprehensive list of solar flashlights with USB chargers, additional add-on, phone chargers, and many more. This section will help you understand why solar flashlights are essential and the available brands you can choose. To help cut your reading time, we have researched for you. When selecting the solar flashlight, it is important to look for the essential features, and by the end of this article, you will be able to choose which option is best for your particular situation.

1. Thorfire Solar Hand Crank Flashlight

Thorfire Solar Hand Crank Flashlight

This solar flashlight has a solar & hand-crank rechargeable led flashlight. You can enhance the flashlight by putting it in the sun or wind to charge it up. It has high efficiency of energy conversion, and since the adoption of high-quality LED bulbs, it saves the environment and provides three lighting modes to meet different needs of light.

  • Power source – Solar powered, Hand Crank / No batteries needed 
  • Charging Methods: Solar power / Hand cranking
  • Battery: 80mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH Battery
  • Solar Panel: 5.5V, 20mA
jydzrd Upgraded Version Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered NOAA/AM/FM/Alarm Weather Alarm Portable Radio with Flashlight,Emergency Power Bank for iPhone/Smartphone
  • 【JYDZRD 5000mAh Power Bank】Portable emergency radio has upgraded to 5000mAh Li-ion battery, which is two or even five times that of other survival radio. Better solve the problem of crank radio battery life and battery endurance. This outdoor portable solar radio which with large capacity battery can make it easier provide emergency power to any small tablet or phone when you are outside.
  • 【NOAA Weather Alert Radio】This weather radio captures a superior signal reception , automatically scan through 7 available weather band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you the hazard weathers in your area like hurricanes, tornadoes and sever storms , earns a critical time for you to get full preparation advance, keeping you and your family safe with this emergency supplies.. A Best Life Saver radio !
  • 【Muilt Way Power Sources】This dynamo emergency radio with multiple power backup options are the best choice.Power sources including a hand crank, solar panel, built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery, USB fast charging to make it easier to keep the radio running during a prolonged situation where AC power is off and batteries have been used up. This power outage supplies power up anytime and anywhere. Keep you online all the time.
  • 【SOS Alarm and Reading Lamp Flashlight】 This weather radio with SOS alarm and reading lamp flashlight is great for outdoor enthusiast , it can emit a clear loud emergency call and accompany with SOS signal light which can make you get faster help when you get lost outdoor. You can read stories for children even at camping night by normal light,as well as a must-have for travelling, camping, backpacking and car.
  • 【What You Will Get】 JYDZRD waterproof emergency radio with a backup power source is very durable and reliable, it's an essential tool for home use and outdoor activities, it makes your life more safe. Packing included:1*emergency radio, 1*Micro USB cable and instruction. We provide you with professional technical support with customer service .

What We Love

We loved that it comes with three different lighting modes for various purposes. It is equipped with high-quality LED bulbs and has high efficiency of energy conversion.

It is a durable and handy tool since a solar flashlight can be used at home and outdoors in extreme weather and is perfect for vehicle use, camping, hiking, traveling, and various home use, night walking, outdoor adventure, and so much more.

The solar flashlight is equipped with IPX6 waterproof and is submersible up to 45 feet, and is perfect for survival adventure or rock climbing. This self-powered solar flashlight is a must-have.

Lastly, the battery can be immediately recharged using the hand crank or exposing the solar panels to direct sunlight. After an hour of charging, the solar flashlight can work up to 120 Minutes of light/140 Minutes of flashing.

What We Didn’t Love

Despite the many features, Thorfire Solar Hand Crank Flashlight does have some downsides. It is observed that it gives a decent amount of brightness for about 100 lumens for the size of the flashlight.

Our Verdict

We recommend this solar flashlight due to its versatility and toughness. Just a minute of hand cracking will allow the flashlight to light up to an hour in its dimmest mode. But if you’re looking for something ultra-bright survival flashlight, then this might not be the best choice.

2.Kaito KA500 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio and Flashlight 

Kaito KA500 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio and Flashlight 


The Kaito KA500 is durable, water-resistant, and can be charged via hand cracking. Solar panel, micro USB cable, standard wall outlet, or batteries. It is also equipped with AM/FM radio with an LED indicator, a telescoping antenna that reaches 14.5b inches in height, and serves pretty much everything from alerting the public emergency channel using two-ban shortwave or having a five-LED reading lamp, LED flashlight, and red LED SOS beacon light.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required.
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric, Solar, Battery

What We Loved

We loved that it is portable and can be used both daily and emergency preparedness applications. It is a revolutionary design and provides versatile functions. It is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery charged by AC adapter, USB power source, or hand cracking.

Not only is this the ideal choice of radio but a solar-powered tool that It can use for various purposes such as traveling, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love the fact that it is made of plastic, and usually, the quality of the plastic case is very poor.

Our Verdict

We will recommend the purchase of this product as the device not only provides you with NOAA emergency weather broadcast information but can be used at home or commercially as needed.

3.Blavor Solar Power Bank and Flashlight 

Blavor Solar Power Bank and Flashlight 

Blavor Solar Power Bank and Flashlight have five essential features it offers, a Qi-Certified Wireless Charger (QI-ID 3533), 10000mAh Portable Power Bank, Solar Charger for Outdoor, ActivitiesDual Flashlight Work as Torch, and Complimentary Compass Kit.

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Color: Black and Orange
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal battery required. (included)
Two Packs 10000mAh Solar Power Bank Plus Foldable Wireless Solar Charger (Orange+Black)
  • Qi Wireless & Solar Power:10,000mAh wireless power bank with solar. Not just wireless power bank but wireless charger as well compatible with iPhone XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus S8/S8plus and all qi-enabled mobile devices.
  • 2021 Newest Design: The solar panel charger is equipped with one click-button and Qi wireless charging chip, one-click to unfold the panels, easy to unfold, convenient to put away and just set you qi-enabled phone on the wireless charging area, renders you a neat and cable-free lifestyle.
  • Digital Real-Time Power Display: With the LCD screen, you can clearly know how many power left in the charger, and how many power the bank can get from the sunlight, when place it under sunlight. Make sure there is heat dissipation space to avoid malfunction caused by over-heat.
  • Sturdy Durable and Compact Size:the portable charger is made of premium ABS materials and lithium polymer battery, highly sturdy and durable. Its equipped with two USB, type C, dual flashlights and a compass kit. Light weight and compact size.
  • Four Outputs&Three Modes Flashlight: Charge 4 devices simultaneously, meet the needs of all familiy members while go outdoors, Steady/SOS/Flashing, an useful handy tool as a backup emergency kit.

What We Love

We loved that the item is quite sturdy, durable, and compact-sized. The charger is portable and is made up of ABD material and a lithium polymer battery.

That charging times have been extensively tested. It can be fully recharged around 6 hours using a 5V/2A adapter and can charge an iphone8 up to 3.5 times.

It encompasses a dual flashlight & compass Kit, which comes in handy for outdoor activities like traveling, camping, cycling, and beaches.

What We Didn’t Love

That it works on an ordinary performance level.

Our Verdict

We recommend this purchase, as it is equipped with dual flashlights, is convenient for camping and emergency light, and is suitable for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking, and beaches.

4.Hybrid light Journey Solar Rechargeable LED Flashlight 

Hybrid light Journey Solar Rechargeable LED Flashlight 

This is one of the best hybrids as it can be charged using the built-in solar panel outdoors & indoors under incandescent lighting. You can use a USB cable for rapid charging. Additionally, it is extremely durable and waterproof.

  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Solar/Rechargeable

What We Love

We love that this product is versatile, multifunctional, fully wrapped, waterproof, enclosed, and can be rapidly charged. It is easily moveable and can be stored anywhere.

What We Didn’t Love

What we didn’t love is that it provides only a single mode.

Our Verdict

We recommend a hybrid light journey solar rechargeable LED flashlight as it is perfect for any emergency and weighs only 4.5oz making it portable.

5.Aeiusny Portable Generator and Flashlight

Aeiusny Portable Generator and Flashlight

The Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator is made up of hard plastic with an orange and black look which gives it a rugged appearance giving it a corrugating aesthetic. It offers an extensive assortment of inputs and three-pronged power outlets. It has a large battery capacity, and you can depend on this for most of the units.

  • Color: Black and Orange
  • Item Weight‎: 7.05 pounds
  • Power Source: ‎AC Wall Outlet/Solar Panel/ Car Cigarette Lighter Socket/Generator
  • Type of Bulb: ‎LED
Portable Power Station 1000W, 300000mAh 1110Wh Backup Battery, 200W Max Input, PD 60W, Electric Solar Generator Outage Emergency Power Supply for Home Outdoors CPAP, Camping Travel RV Van
  • LARGER CAPACITY AND HIGHER WATTAGES: This G1000 1000W portable power station provides high capacity up to 1110wh 300000mAh , which can provide you with up to 2 or 3 days of power supply in the case of sudden emergency power outages
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR POWER: OKMO G1000 can meet your battery supply needs when you are on camping or outdoor dinners Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, lights, coffee machines, drones, mini projectors, mini refrigerators, portable ovens and coffee machines, etc Have more fun on your entertainment time during outdoor camping parties
  • FLEXIBLE CHARGING: The maximum input of the Anderson port is 200W By connecting two 100W solar panels, G1000 can be fully charged by more than 90% within 6 hours You can also charge it using an AC Adapter 10 Hrs and Car Charger 9 Hrs
  • 10 MULTIFUNCTIONAL OUTPUTS: OKMO G1000 is equipped with 10 output ports including fast charging USB C, USB A,12V DC, 110V AC to meet the battery supply requirements
  • RELIABLE EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY: OKMO G1000 uses automotive grade 3C high C rate batteries, based on the industry leading safety and reliability design The battery energy utilization rate can reach 95%, while most other products can only be 85%

What We Love

What we love about this product is the UPS function; that is, it automatically powers the device without shutting off the power outage. Hence, giving it an uninterruptible power supply. UPS function is a unique design that most solar flashlights are usually not equipped with.

What We Didn’t Love

What We Didn’t Love is that it is quite expensive and not portable. It is made of plastic. The plastic usually isn’t that tough.

Our Verdict

We totally recommend this product as it is one of the best flashlights and generators.

Other Solar flashlights Worth Considering.

If the above recommended solar flashlights do not meet your needs or preference, we have a few more options for you to consider and match your ideal solar flashlight requirement.

Delxo Patriot Flashlight

It can be used for camping and is equipped with a magnet that can free your hands and work better.

Rechargeable Camping Lantern,Solar Charging, Super Bright Portable Led Lantern with 2 Light Modes, Emergency Lights for Hurricane, Hiking, Fishing (Rose gold)
  • 【Super bright】: This compact survival lantern can illuminate you at night in an emergency. Easily illuminate the entire tent or the entire room, the consumption in the strong light mode is only 6.4w, which can last for several hours.
  • 【Solar charging】: The Solar panels is placed on the top of the camping lamp and can be charged at any time during the day to replenish the battery and extend the use time.
  • 【2 Lighting Modes】: This camping light has strong light and low light modes, which can meet your different needs (change the mode by moving the switch up and down). Both modes have very low power consumption and can be maintained for a long time.
  • 【Light Compact & Easy to use 】: Rechargeable Lantern made of high-quality plastic, which is lightweight, durable & Anti-slip. This camping Lantern has a foldable handle. They are easy to unfold for carrying out or hanging on somewhere, such as a backpack, tent to let your hands- free.
  • 【 Wide applications】: This LED camping light can save energy and perfect for a power outage, emergency, hurricane, earthquake survival kit, and many other purposes of outdoor and indoor usage.

Otdair LED Flashlight Solar Power Flashlight

It is a multipurpose flashlight, and its elaborate design makes the flashlight widely used in many situations.

Solar Carnation-Shaped Night Light Waterproof LED Floodlight
  • Solar Installation: The carnation lamp is powered by a solar charging board, which is energy-saving and environmental protective. No additional wiring is required. Just put it in the sun, it can automatically collect solar energy for charging.
  • High-quality Materials: Our carnation lights are made of high-quality PVC and stainless steel materials, IP55 waterproof grade, weatherproof, snow-proof, can be used in various bad weather, increase the service life.
  • Perfect Decoration: Our LED solar light is designed in the shape of a carnation. The two lighting methods of constant light and flashing will bring you a different experience and create a warm and vibrant atmosphere for your garden.
  • Automatic Switch Design: The solar carnation lamp is equipped with an automatic sensor device. The solar panels will automatically charge during the day and turn on the lights in the dark. No need to manually control, simple and convenient, save your time.
  • Wide Application Range: The lovely and warm carnation solar light is very suitable for road lights and underground lights, suitable for flower beds, fences, roads and gardens. This is also the perfect gift for friends.

Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

It can be used in an emergency and has a built-In Rechargeable battery.

NC Hand Crank Flashlight Power 3 LED Torch Light Green Hand Crank Flashlight
  • Energy-saying and environment-friendly.
  • Suitable for outdoor camping, climing, hiking etc.
  • Compact and ready to go, this light never needs external batteries.
  • With clip design and small size,easy taking.
  • It two charging ways: solar powered and hand cranking.

Evelots Hand Crank Flashlight

Can provide immediate battery-free light with just a few cranks

SFN Emergency Radio, Weather Radio Hand Crank Radio 2000mAh Emergency Hand Crank Radio Solar AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio with Battery Backup Cell Phone Charger for Home Camping
  • 【Emergency weather radio】Our emergency radio are specially designed for emergency need.The weather radio can help to keep you and your family safe.You can ues this hand crank radio to get for latest emergency news and weather reports and all information for your area from NOAA and AM/FM stations and get preparation in advance.
  • 【Easy to charge & 2000mAh Power Bank】The crank radio has three charging methods,Micro USB charging,solar charging, hand-crank could also supply the power for battery operated radio.The noaa weather radio with a 2000mAh li-ion battery.Any small tablet or phone can be charged through the cable directly.
  • 【LED flashlight function】Power outage supplies with powerful LED can be with you in camping,backpacking, hiking or any other outdoor activities.LED lights can be used to illuminate dark spaces and areas in emergency situations and keep you away from darkness.
  • 【Ultra-light PORTABLE RADIO】This portable emergency radio is very small and light. It measures 5.9*3.1*2.4 in and weighs only 0.46 lb.For hiking and camping,this battery powered radio is a wise choice.
  • 【Necessities For Home &Outdoor】This solar radio is very reliable.Add it to your disaster backpack or put it in your car when traveling,camping or backpacking,and it can be easily carried as an emergency bag.The package includes: Emergency radio,Micro USB cable strips and instruction manual.


Frequently Asked Questions About Solar FlashLights

What do we mean by a Solar flashlight, and how does it work?

Solar flashlights look similar to regular flashlights but are powered by solar energy. It uses sunlight and converts it into electrical energy that is present on the outside of the flashlight.

Why use a Solar flashlight?

There are numersous reasonswhy you should use a solar flashlight. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Provides unlimited light as long as it is charged using sun
  2. You do not have to replace the batteries regularly.
  3. It can be used for traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  4. For commercial or emergency purposes.
  5. Solar flashlights can use it in remote areas where electricity is not available.

Are they worth it over other conventional options?

Totally! They are worth over other conventional options as it is charged using solar energy, which is quite abundant and helps conserve Mother Nature. It is a perfect solution for outdoor activities and for adventure and travel enthusiasts.

Should you just DIY a Solar Flashlight

If you have loads of time in your hands and want to experiment with your creative skills, you can make a DIY solar flashlight at home. Some steps and items needed are listed below.

Items needed to build a solar flashlight:-

Switches, Solar cell, Resistors, Diodes, LEDs, Battery: From an old cellphone and 3D Printed Enclosure

Steps to build the solar flashlight:-

  1. Collect the items needed to build the solar flashlight.
  2. Mount the LEDs on the PCB
  3. Use two wires to connect the battery 
  4. Mount the solar panel using the connected battery

That’s it. You are done. In just these four simple steps, you will have an ideal solar flashlight.

Pros and Cons of Solar flashlight

Check out the listed advantages and disadvantages of solar flashlights, which will help you make your choice.


  1. Usable – Solar power flashlights will always be helpful as long as the sun is up, and it will not be utterly useless like regular flashlights when you run out of batteries.
  2. No pollution – In the traditional flashlight, the used batteries, when disposed of, aren’t biodegradable and cause environmental pollution. In the case of a solar flashlight, the use of solar energy will conserve Mother Nature.
  3. Environment friendly – They are sustainable and use solar power, which is in abundance.

Portable – A solar-powered flashlight doesn’t take up any additional space for backup batteries and can be easily carried anywhere. It is usually lighter than traditional flashlights. 


  1. Recharging- If the solar flashlight is not equipped with a USB cable, you’ll have to wait till morning to charge it and if you lose the charge in the middle of the night. Or find an alternative light source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the important frequently asked questions about solar flashlights.

  1. Do solar flashlights charge from sunlight/cloudy days?
  • The light is crucial for charging the solar flashlight. You can charge it in both sunlight and cloudy days as both produce daylight.
  1. Can solar flashlights be charged indoors?
  • Yes, it is possible to charge solar-powered flashlights indoors as incandescent, LED, and light bulbs produce light waves needed to charge the flashlight, but it usually takes longer to charge the battery.
  1. Do USB chargers charge the solar flashlight?
  • Yes, some solar flashlights have USB ports and can be used for charging the flashlight. You can use the outputs present such as emergency generators and power banks, to charge other devices. Always make sure of the type of port before plugging any device.


Tips and Tricks for using your Solar Flashlight

Frequently cleaning up the solar panels will allow the solar flashlight to lead to much longer hours of lighting.

  • Avoid placing the solar flashlight in areas with street lights to help spot the low levels of light.
  • Switch off the solar flashlight when not in use, as it allows you to turn off the unit altogether.
  • The solar light should be fully charged by direct sunlight for eight hours before initial use to maximize battery capacity.
  • Never use an alkaline-based or regular battery as they aren’t okay for solar flashlights.
  • Clean the debris and dirt collected on the solar panel to get enough sunlight during the day.

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