8 Best Solar Mole Repeller in 2021

If you have a garden, you must be aware that moles can wreak havoc simply by digging tunnels. Moles look all cuddly and cute, but it can be perilous as they eat up plant roots in the garden. After digging a hole, they move onto the next one, and they are harmful to pets and humans as they transmit rabies. If you are fed up with the moles wreaking havoc, then you’ve landed on the correct page. Traps, poisons, and smoke bombs can eliminate moles, but they are harmful to humans and pets.

In this situation, you’ll need a solar mole repeller. It is a safe and convenient innovation that will help you get rid of moles without harming them without electricity. In this article, we’ve collected 8 Best Solar Mole Repellers in 2021 to help you make a purchasing decision. 

What to Look For in a “Solar Mole Repeller”

It is an arduous task to select the right one, from among so many options. The availability of vast options gives consumers a challenging task while selecting the best solar mole repeller. Therefore, we collected a list of factors that will significantly help you pick the right solar mole repeller, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

  • Range: Usually, the solar mole repeller generates a frequency of about 400 to 1000Hz. Repellers with a high-frequency range will cause vibrations and repel moles over a longer distance. 
  • Area coverage: the size of your garden or lawn and the frequency will determine how many solar mole repellers you need to buy. A single solar mole repeller will cover about 49feet that means several units will be placed 98 feet apart to achieve the best results. Before purchasing, know the size of your area and check the solar mole repeller’s description to know about its area coverage. 
  • Efficiency: An ideal choice will be to purchase a solar repeller with a highly efficient solar panel and longer battery life. 
  • Quality: Quality is an essential factor you should consider for every product, especially the solar mole repeller and other solar products. You should make sure that the solar mole repeller you purchase is waterproof, anti-corrosive, and manufactured with anti-UV material as half part of the repeller is staked in the ground, and the other half is exposed to extreme weather conditions. 
  • Charge Time: When shopping, check the charging time of the solar panel. Most solar mole repellers take about 3 to 5 hours to charge the battery to full power when exposed to sunlight. \
  • Run Time: if you live in a rainy area, purchase a solar mole repeller with strong Ni-MH or Li-on batteries. Because Ni-MH and Li-long batteries last up to four days after a single charge when exposed to sunlight. you should consider
  • Price: Always consider the price before purchasing. Units with high-capacity batteries and frequencies will be more expensive. A unit made of plastic will cost less but will not last long. Spend it on one which is cost-efficient and durable. 
  • Warranty: Buy from a trusted manufacturer and ensure that the solar mole repeller comes with at least a 2-year warranty.
  • Additional Features: If you own a garden, consider a mole deterrent fitted with lights beneath the solar panel to decorate and illuminate your garden. 

List Of 10 Best Solar Mole Repeller

If you’re purchasing the solar mole repellent for the first time, these product reviews will help you get a perspective to make an ideal purchasing decision. You can also check out what other users have said, in the reviews.

Thanos Solar Powered Mole Groundhog Repellent

Thanos solar mole repellent is operated by a solar rechargeable battery. The coverage is as much as 40 ft. You just have to penetrate the repellent deep in the ground and turn it on. The sonic pulses in the soil will emit a sound that is highly irritating to mole, woodchuck, gophers, groundhogs, voles, and other burrowing animals. Thus, protecting your lawn and garden.

  • Power supply: Solar-Powered
  • Frequency: 400Hz
  • Working time: 3-4s sonic sound for every about 35s
  • Waterproof: IPX4
Lubatis Groundhog Repellent Ultrasonic Stakes 6 Pack Solar Mole Repellent Gopher Repellent Vole Deterrent Waterproof Drive Away Burrowing Animals from Lawns and Yard
  • Sonic Pulses Against Burrowing Rodents: Lubatis Sonic Mole Repellent vibrates and emits 400 HZ low-frequency sonic pulses every 30 seconds to repel burrowing rodents.
  • Effective Mole and Gopher Repellent: The vibration and sonic pulses will penetrate the soil to create an unbearable environment for underground burrowing rodents to stay and force them to leave the property and seek out other places to live.
  • Extensive Coverage: A solar powered sonic pest repellent radiates in all directions. It is recommended to use multiple devices to overlap providing even more coverage. It usually takes 2 - 4 weeks for mole, gopher, vole and other burrowing rodents to leave the area.
  • Efficient Solar Charge: The solar mole repellent ultrasonic spikes are charged by polysilicon solar panel to accumulate power for operation at dark hours. 4-hour solar charge lasts for 5 days, effectively and continuously preventing the return of rodents.

What We Love

What we love is that the product is easy to install and activate. In about 2-4 weeks, the moles will be away from your garden and lawns. It has extensive coverage of 40ft in diameter and operates in a circular pattern. 

It comes with a solar rechargeable battery and is highly waterproof, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

What We Didn’t Love

As far, there is no downside of this product. 

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it is one of the best in the market and has extensive coverage. The battery capacity is adequate as one full charge takes 3-4 hours, lasting up to 5-7 days.

Livin’ Well Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Stakes

Livin' Well Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Stakes

Livin’ Well solar repeller is the most high-grade repeller in the market. It is expensive but provides all the features and specs needed, like a wide range, effective spikes, weather-resistant safety, and a user-friendly experience. 

  • Coverage: 10,500
  • Package Dimensions: ‎11.61 x 5.2 x 5.04 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎2.48 pounds
16 Pack Solar Mole Repellent Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Waterproof Ultrasonic Gopher Repellent Outdoor Ultrasonic Gopher Control Spikes Ultrasonic Pest Control for Farm, Garden, Lawn
  • Solar Powered: it is operated by a solar rechargeable battery; 4 hours charge of solar mole repellent ultrasonic in sunlight will be enough to keep them work for 4 days; Mole repellent stakes emits 3-4 times of low frequency pulse in every 20 seconds; Please keep solar pest repeller stakes under the sun to charge for at least 2 days before installation
  • Safety: the ultrasonic gopher repellents are non toxic and safe around children and pets; No chemicals or poisonous items are adopted in this process; Make sure they don't harm your soil, pets and family, providing a good garden environment for you and your family
  • You Will Get: 16 packs solar mole repellents come in the package, which includes 8 packs round models and 8 packs square models; Each repellent has an effective range of up to 600 square feet; Sufficient quantity can help you do a good yard defense; Please attention that the closer you place them, the better the effect
  • Reliable Material: the outdoor solar pest repellent powered is powered by solar panel to accumulate power for operation at dark hours and is made of ABS plastic case, which are waterproof and transparent; Keep working in the rain and won't get dirty
  • Good Effect: the mole repellents vibrate and emit 400 to 1000 hertz low frequency sonic pulse every 20 seconds to repel burrowing rodent; Generally, it takes about 2-4 weeks to get moles and gophers out of your garden; It can ward off moles, gophers, voles and other destructive rodents

What We Love

We love that this product provides 24-hour protection with sonic pest repellent spikes. The solar repeller gets charged during the day using solar power and stores the energy in a pre-installed Ni-Cd AA battery. This will keep this solar mole pre-installed repeller working, which comes with rugged ABS casting, making these solar mole repellent weather-resistant and waterproof. It can withstand extreme weather conditions as they are constructed using an aluminum shaft and sealed solar cells.

The installation process is really easy. It is human friendly as well as pets’ friendly.

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love that it is costly and at times produces irritating noise.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it includes all the specs and features needed to keep the moles and other burrowing animals from the garden. 

NIKON Solar Mole Repellers Ultrasonic Solar Powered

NIKON Solar Mole Repellers Ultrasonic Solar Powered

Despite its cheap price, this is one of the best. It is designed very well, offers features like weather resistance, and comes with an on/off switch. 

  • Solar panel: 2V/70mAh monocrystalline silicon.
  • Frequency: 400HZ +/- 50HZ
  • Battery: 1.2V/600mAh Ni-MH battery

What We Love

We love the battery capacity of this product. At least 4 hours of charging in the sunlight will make the solar mole repeller last up to 4 days. 

It’s weather-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is operated in a circular pattern and approximately covers 96ft. in diameter.

It is very easy to control as the repeller’s spikes come with an on/off switch.

What We Didn’t Love

This solar mole repeller makes lots of noise and doesn’t work for groundhogs and squirrels.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it’s not very expensive and the vibrating pulse strays away from the moles. This is the perfect one for you to protect your garden and keep it clean.

Torro Products 4 Pack Mole Repellent Solar-Powered

Torro Products 4 Pack Mole Repellent Solar-Powered

This solar-powered repellent has the reputation of having the best performance in the market. Toro Products has built this mole repellent to compete with the highest level solar mole repellent, which covers a 7000 feet range and consciously runs without human intervention. One of the best things about Torro mole repellent is it doesn’t require any maintenance.

  • Product Dimensions‎: 15.3 x 3.15 x 3.75 inches
  • Batteries‎: 1 AA battery required.
  • Item Weight: ‎1.48 pounds
Solar Mole Repellent, Ultrasonic Mole Repellent for Mole, Vole, Snakes, Gopher and Other Underground Pests, 4 Pack Solar Powered Animal Control for Garden and Yard
  • 【Solar Charging】The mole repellent is operated by solar rechargeable battery. Just put it in a sunny place, it can be used for 4 days after 4 hours of charging. Note: Please charge the solar repellent in the sun for at least 2 days before first use
  • 【Safe to Use】The Vole repeller outdoor emit low frequency pulses of 3-4 seconds every 20 seconds. It will not cause any harm to people and pets, environmental protection, health and safety
  • 【Wide Coverage】 Each mole repellent covering up to 7,000 square feet. This is an effective way to prevent mole, vole, snake and other underground animal from damaging your outdoor areas, such as lawns, yards, and gardens
  • 【Waterproof Mole Repellent】The gopher repeller is made of high quality waterproof ABS plastic. So it can work well even in rainy days. Note: Because the messy surface will affect the efficiency of charging, Please clean the surface of the repeller regularly. Just use damp cloth to wipe it
  • 【Best Service】If you have any question, please contact to us. We will respond to you within 24 hours

What We Love

What we love about this product is the performance it provides. It is created using polycrystalline technology, which ensures that the repeller is watertight.

Torro products’ manufacturer has used the highest quality components while creating the solar mole repeller to provide maximum durability and longevity.

What We Didn’t Love

The battery of this product drains very quickly, and it produces lots of buzzing noises.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it has a coverage area of up to 7000+ ft, and with just 3-4 hours of charging, it works for about 5-7 days.

DZ Services Solar-Powered Mole Repeller Sonic Device

As the name implies, DZ comes with a couple of solar spikes. Every 30 seconds, the spikes vibrate. The installation can be done easily.You won’t need a professional to install it for you.

  • Brand: DZ Services
  • Power source: Solar power runs for five days without sunlight.
Bug Zapper Fly Zapper & Mosquito Zapper Portable Indoor Bug Zapper Super-Fast Electric Trap Ideal for Fly Traps Indoors Camping Bug Zapper Fly Trap Electronic Fly Zapper Indoor(White)…
  • [Protect Your Home] The mosquito and fly zapper can protect you and your family from nasty bugs and bites. It is a small, careful, and almost silent error-cleaning device. Do not use the bug zapper outdoors. It’s designed for indoor use, providing you and your family with error-free home life.
  • [bug zapper indoor] It’s a powerful and portable Bug Light Zapper. The electronic bug zapper can easily clear up mosquitoes, flies and gnats. With this high voltage electric bug zapper, no annoying bugs.
  • [6 Purple LEDs] Based on the habits of mosquitoes, the purple LED of the bug zapper can accurately release the ultraviolet light wave of about 368nm, and mosquitoes will automatically rush to the electric net and be killed. Easy to use the device is very suitable for indoor use such as houses and trips etc.
  • [1200mAh Large Capacity Battery] It can be charged via a micro USB quickly and easily, with an antistatic switch for up to 7 hours. You can take it with you and place it at any place, no wires necessary. Just turn on the power, and bugs will disappear.
  • [No Chemicals]-Kill bugs by physical means without any chemical or nasty thing. Quick, peaceable, and effective, can be used around kids and pets. Just for you and your family.

What We Love

We love that this mole repeller is weather-resistant and is safe for pets and children. The solar panel stores the solar energy during the daytime, and then the repeller can last up to 5 days. It is suitable for all burrowing animals, and DZ services is a veteran-owned business that distributes an eco-friendly product.

What We Didn’t Love

After few uses, the solar repellent becomes less effective, and the product doesn’t give a warranty. 

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it is eco-friendly, water-resistant, and can last for days with a single charge. 

Other Solar Mole Repeller Worth Considering 

Suppose the options mentioned earlier are not suitable for your purchasing needs. Take a look at a few mentioned below.

Apollo Mole Repellent Pack Of 4 Solar Powered Repeller

It comes in a pack of 4 and covers the areas of 6500 sq ft. It is easy to use, and can be done so easily with no worries around human beings and pets.

MAGIC CAT Solar-Powered Mole Repellent

One of the best things about this product is its high-performing battery. The battery life is amazing, with a single charge.. It also comes with IP65 waterproofing, which lets you water your garden and lawn without damaging the solar mole repeller.

RITTRO Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Outdoor Animal Repellent, Deer Deterrent with Motion Sensor - Waterproof , Repel Deer Cat Dog Rabbits Fox Raccoons Skunk Rat
  • Easy to Install - The solar ultrasonic Repeller is easy to install and can be installed anywhere in the garden, yard, Farm, carport, loft or outdoor camping. It can be mounted in ground with the provided spike, or hang on objects such as trees. They’re great for Repelling Deer, Rabbits, Gophers, Voles, Moles, Groundhogs, Chipmunks, Racoons, Squirrels,Stray dogs,cats.
  • Effective animal repeller- The device circulates ultrasonic waves of different tones as animals approach. Animal approach will trigger the ultrasonic speaker to emit a high frequency noise which makes them uncomfortable, therefore, keeps them away from the protected area.
  • Sensitive Ultrasonic Design- The ultrasonic repellent features a speaker design with passive infrared sensor (PIR). When it detects that the animal is in motion in the detection range, it automatically sounds the frequency of the sound, the LED flashes and runs the animal.
  • Large coverage with Motion Sensor- The animal deterrent has a motion sensor with a detection range of 120° with a range of 5-8 m. If you want to protect larger areas, you can simply order several devices.
  • Solar Design & Waterproof &Quality Assurance- The ultrasonic repeller is equipped with a solar panel that can be charged via solar energy. Put it in the sun for a few hours when the power goes out.The waterproof design ensures that it will continue to work in any weather. If you have any questions about the quality of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What do we mean by a solar mole repeller, and how does it work?

Solar mole repeller functions similarly to the traditional sonic repeller using the sun’s renewable energy to transmit low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. The frequency deters the mole and another pest that may threaten vegetable gardens and lawns without resorting to harmful chemicals that may be harmful to pets and other microorganisms.

Why use a solar mole repeller?

Solar-powered mole repellers are an ideal option for protecting your lawns and gardens, and they pretty much function the same way regular sonic pest repellers do without using a harmful chemical solution that may be harmful to your pets and children. The added benefit of solar mole repeller is that it comes with a chargeable solar battery, which gets charged when exposed to sunlight. Hence the solar mole repeller relies on the sun’s renewable energy and helps sustain the environment and protect your garden and lawns.

Are these better than the conventional ones? 

Yes, the solar mole repeller is worth considering over other conventional options as they are safe and eco-friendly. Like the traditional pesticides, it doesn’t contribute harmful chemicals to the environment. The added benefit of the solar mole repeller is it doesn’t kill the animal in question, only deters them.

Should you just DIY a solar mole repeller

This solar mole repeller is ideal if you’re thinking of going camping, hiking, or protecting your garden. You can build a mole repeller using Arduino, and you can change the frequency as per convenience. It produces a frequency of 31KHz, repels the mosquitoes away, and is safe for pets and humans. It acts as a whistle and is sensitive to human ears.

Steps required to build a simple mole repeller using Arduino:-

1. Collect the required components 

Here is a list of items required to build a simple mole repeller using Arduino. 

  • Arduino Uno
  • PCB
  • Piezoelectric 
  • A breadboard (optional)
  • Wires
  • Soldering Iron
  • Disk Header Pins
  • Soldering Lead

2. Soldering the pins

You’ll have to cut header pins as needed and plug headers into the PCB. Mark the layout of shield and solder header pins on Arduino. Solder it carefully on the PCB and see if everything fits. 

3. Remove excess PCB 

Use a rotary tool or PCB cutter to remove uneven edges. After you’ve finished soldering headers, use the tool to remove excess PCB. 

4. Connect the circuit 

Connect one of the piezoelectric disks to pin 9 and the other to a digital pin 11. Connect the left terminal of both disk and solder to the ground terminal of Arduino. If you want to use one frequency, connect the disk parallels. But setting the disk to the same frequency will give broad coverage. 

5. Put the code into Arduino 

The code for the circuit is quite simple and self explanatory. 

int speaker = 9;

int frequency = 31000;

int speaker 2 = 11;

int frequency2 = 31000;

void setup(){

pinMode(speaker, OUTPUT);

pinMode(speaker2, OUTPUT); }

void loop(){ tone(speaker, frequency, 1000); tone(speaker2, frequency2, 1000); }

In this code, you alter the frequency emitting by changing the range in the code accordingly. 

Pros and cons of solar mole repellent 


  1. The solar mole repeller is an innovative, effective, and green alternative to the traditional sonic repellers. It relies on the sun’s sun’s renewable energy to sustain the environment by not using harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to your garden, lawns, pets, and children.
  2. Several new models have high coverage areas and are incredibly effective in protecting your lawns and gardens. One single unit can cover a radius of up to 50ft.
  3. Modern models are highly effective. 
  4. The installation of a solar mole repeller is not very complex, and it doesn’t require extra wiring as the power source it uses is sunlight.
  5. Solar-powered repellers don’t kill or harm any pets. It just deters them. 
  6. The life service of the repeller is durable. It needs only occasional cleaning to ensure maximum performance.
  7. The solar mole repeller is a cost-effective investment and doesn’t put a load on your electric bill. Units can last up to 5 years. 
  8. Some solar repeller comes with different light fitted at the spikes below the solar panel and adds an aesthetic appeal to your garden or lawn.


  1. Before purchasing solar-powered mole repellers, check if they emit ultrasonic frequencies as those frequencies may disturb your pets, especially if you have a dog. 
  2. Many solar models which are durable are pretty expensive as they make up your pocket investment in the long run. 
  3. The device is really effective. Unfortunately, the repeller does not possess warranties.


How long does the solar-powered repeller run?

It depends upon which product you have purchased. Check the review beforehand, as some solar repeller lasts only for hours while other last for days. 

How many repellents should I buy?

The answer to this question entirely depends on the size of your garden or lawn. 

Is the solar mole repeller safe for dogs?

For some dogs, it may cause irritation or nervousness because of the noise the repellent produces. Apart from that, your pet will be safe.

Tips and tricks for using a solar mole repeller

  • Make sure your solar mole repellent is constantly exposed to the sun.
  • Don’t install additional traps after installing the solar mole repellent. 
  • Don’t push the mole repellent spike directly into the ground. Dig a hole, then safely put the repellent inside. 
  • Always go for solar mole repellers that have a high coverage area
  • Buy an anti-corrosive repellent as corrosion would affect the integrity of the repeller. 
  • Keep the needed space between the solar mole repellent for effective results.

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