Review and Guide of 8+ best Solar Power Bank in 2021

When camping, your phone, rechargeable lights, and other gadgets/devices have become a necessity nowadays. But, what will happen if your device’s battery gets blackout while exploring the great outdoors? How will you charge your gadgets/devices? Carrying a reliable solar power bank can deliver substantial support.

A solar power bank is a device that converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in a battery. Also, they are compact and can easily fit in your pocket. So it is easy to carry around.

Being a helpful device for travelers, it can store electricity backup for weeks. They feature efficient power backup technology which helps you to charge all types of devices.

With different types and categories of solar power banks available in the market, it is quite a difficult task to choose the perfect one for your needs. That’s why we have listed down the top 10 best solar power banks. You can choose which one fits your needs and budget.

8+ Best Solar Power Bank

1.EREMOKI Portable Solar Power Bank

This high capacity with a built-in 2100mAh Li-ion polymer battery is definitely one of the best solar power banks available there.

It has dual USB ports that allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously with 2.1A high-speed charging. And in case you need a light at night, the built-in LED light serves as a convenient solution.

Because of its rugged construction, it is dust, shock, and waterproof. Meanwhile, the flashlight has 3 modes to choose from (steady, SOS, strobe). That is perfect for an outdoor emergency.

You can charge it by Solar power or wall charger through a micro USB cable. It takes 12-20 hours to completely recharge with a 2A/2.4A wall charger.

In addition, it has larger solar panels for better efficiency. This solar power bank has no environmental impact and draws its energy completely from the sun. Because of its high conversion rate, it extends the lifespan of the device.

This solar charger is reliable and widely compatible. It works with almost all 5V devices like the iPhone, IPad, Samsung, Sony, LG, tablet, camera, Bluetooth, GPS, and many more.


  • 21000mAh capacity
  • Widely compatible
  • Solar-powered or wall charger
  • dust, shock, and waterproof

2.Enther Solar charger 6V 28W iNiCE-SH54

Enther Solar charger 6V 28W iNiCE-SH54 - solar power bank

If you want to minimize the charging time, then this portable solar charger will help you. It has advanced silicon crystal solar cells that can convert up to 21.5%-23.5% of solar energy into free power. As a result, it provides enough power to charge two devices simultaneously.

If you are planning for a long trek, you can easily carry this solar power bank along. It is of compact size and metal eye-holes on each corner. Therefore, it allows easy attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents.

It is constructed to withstand rugged durability for outdoor use. Thus protecting your solar panel and devices from rain, dust, shock, or fall.

It features fast charging and smart identification IC. Due to which each port can automatically identify your device and provide an optimal charging current to provide you 27% faster-charging speed. Its lightweight, foldable, and ultra-slim design makes it ideal for long treks and camping.

In addition, you will receive a 28W charger, USB cable, two hooks, user manual, 12-month warranty, and lifetime friendly customer service. It fits mobile phones, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, GPS, etc in both quick charging and standard charging modes.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Ultra-slim design
  • QC3.0 quick charge
  • Smart identification IC
  • Waterproof and dust resistant

3.KaruSale 50000mah Solar Power Bank

KaruSale 50000mah Solar Power Bank

It is a 2-in-1 unit that widely applies and you can use it anywhere and anytime. Since it has USB ports for charging phone devices, cameras, and much more, therefore is widely compatible with most devices. In addition, this solar power bank is fitted with two powerful LED lights for better illumination at night.

It has a large capacity of 50,000mAh battery capacity, making it great for charging your devices for long. And because of the two USB ports, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Meanwhile, this power bank is also very safe since it has a built-in safety system like overcharge and overvoltage protections. Also, it comes with a connection cable for charging the power bank.

Because this is made with high-quality materials, the device is durable. Its appearance is pleasant and performance is good. Apart from these features, this solar power bank is also waterproof. And if these are not enough then there is a mechanical compass mounted at the back of this solar charger to guide you through your way.


  • Protection for overcharge, over-discharge, overload, and short circuit
  • Portable
  • Safe and reliable
  • High capacity: 50000mAh
  • Two USB output socket and Two LED bright light

4.Dualpow Solar Chargers 30,000mAh

This is one of the best solar power banks on our list. Dualpow Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Charger is a solar-powered device that can charge your smartphones, tablets, or camera. Oh wait, you can also use it as a phone case. Which is great, isn’t it?

It has a monstrous 30,000mAh power. So it will not get tired while feeding all your devices. In addition, you can also recharge it using solar energy or simply through the switchboard using the USB cable. This solar power bank is definitely not going to sit in a corner during your camping.

This solar charger also carries a decent flashlight in its back. Therefore, you can use this as an emergency torch as well. And with the built-in rugged hook, you can attach this to your backpack to carry along.

In other words, this portable solar charger with 30,000mAh capacity, dual USB port for charging two devices simultaneously, and a flashlight on its back is surely your ideal travel partner.


  • 30,000mAh capacity
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Dual USB output

5.SUAOKI Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel

SUAOKI Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel

The Suoaki offers some of the best camping gadgets on the market. Actually, this SUAOKI solar charger could go beyond a solar power bank and can be used as a solar panel as well. This 60W solar charger cum solar panel is foldable, portable, silent, splash-proof, and stylish.

Moreover, the portable power source has a 5V USB port and an 18V DC dual output to keep your USB devices completely charged. In addition, the solar panel charger generates 60W output with up to 20% high conversion efficiency under 4.0W Lux, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously.

Also, when folded, the solar panel looks like a normal briefcase, so you can store it easily in your vehicle or backpack. Because of the built-in intelligent chip (TIR-C technology), the solar panel charges faster and safer. This technology identifies the current of the equipment and speeds up the charging process of the device while providing overcharge, overcurrent, and overload protection.

The package includes a 10-in-1 connector cable that delivers power from the solar panel to your laptop directly, with no need for an AC adapter. This solar charger is suitable for Tablet GPS Camera iPad iPhone Radio Router and other 5-18V devices. It’s the perfect companion for all outdoor activities.


  • USB and DC dual output
  • Comes with a 10-in-1 connector cable
  • smart IC for the USB port
  • 20% high conversion efficiency

6. Oukafen 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

Oukafen 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

This high capacity solar power bank is stylish, portable, user-friendly, and durable. Because of its waterproof, dustproof, and shock design, your solar charger will be safe and ideal for outdoor use.

Moreover, this solar charger can charge most 5V devices with USB ports like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and so on, but it can not charge your laptop. In addition, you don’t need to worry about running out of power anymore because two recharge options are available. It can be recharged via sunlight and via a wall outlet as well.

This solar phone charger featured a compass and 2 bright LED flashlight(with Steady-SOS-Strobe mode). Also, the five pilot indicators show the status of the battery charger timely. And dual USB port makes it easy to charge two smartphones simultaneously.
With the built-in 20000mAh high capacity polymer battery, this solar power bank also featured with the compass.

In addition, it comes with 24h of online after-sales service and a friendly replacement policy. To sum up, this solar charger is perfect for hiking, climbing, camping, and other outdoor activities.


  • Built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode
  • 2 recharge option: sunlight and wall outlet
  • Made of durable and reliable ABS+PC+Silicone material

7. FARAZ Solar Backpack

FARAZ Solar Backpack

With a range of colors, this solar charging backpack possesses a super stylish look. This solar backpack has an output of 6W. So it can charge a range of small devices in full sun. Although the bag does not come equipped with a power bank; you will need to purchase a battery separately.

The bag includes an external USB charging port, an integrated front solar panel, and many device compartments. In addition, it also includes anti-theft protection for those carrying important or expensive items.

The backpack has been tailored with enough storage space to accommodate your personal accessories such as a phone, laptop & tablet. So that your accessories and devices can fit perfectly. It reduces the stress on your shoulder because of the padded straps.

The waterproof bag is lightweight and Equipped with a handle loop for optional portability. This is a classy backpack that is built for all. Overall, the backpack is very practical, and the integrated safety feature is an added bonus.


  • Waterproof and durable material
  • Enough storage space
  • Equipped with a solar panel with a power output of 6W
  • Charges multiple devices

8. Zerolemon Solar Bluetooth Speaker/Power Bank

Zerolemon Solar Bluetooth Speaker/Power Bank

What could be better than having a Bluetooth speaker and battery charger fused into one device? Zerolemon Solar Bluetooth Speaker/Power bank serves the purpose. The speaker features an impressive 72 hours of playback, the longest in the market.

In addition, it is driven by a 10,000 mAh polymer battery. It not only converts solar energy for your use but it will also store it in its power bank. So you can easily feed your devices while playing music.

The sound is high quality, with 10W stereo sound through dual high-performance drivers. Because of its Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it has a nice 32 foot away radius of range. And with SolarSound the speaker auto-connects to whatever device was last used so you don’t have to keep syncing.

You can also enjoy two USB outputs that provide 5V/2A faster-charging speed and it supports Aux Audio/TF Card. It has a good Bluetooth 4.0 connection, 72 hours of longest playtime, 10,000mAh polymer battery, and the most interesting feature the ability to charge your phone while playing music. However, it is not waterproof, water-resistant, or shockproof.


  • built-in 10000mAh Li-polymer battery
  • 72 hours of the longest playtime
  • Charges the device while playing music.
  • Automatically reconnects to the last device used
  • A 32-foot radius of range

Final Words

Having your mobile devices suddenly give out can be a real problem in certain situations. Especially if it’s an emergency of some sort. So how will you charge them? Don’t worry a reliable solar power bank or solar charger can solve your problem.

A solar power bank will rely on the sun’s rays to convert the sunlight into electricity. And if it’s just the portable charger, then it will be a separate battery pack that you charge up and use to boost your devices when required.

Solar power banks and portable chargers are a must for any serious traveler or outdoor enthusiast. They can also work for emergencies like floods and earthquakes. Even in day-to-day life, people that like using clean and renewable energy to charge their devices can opt for it.

We hope that this article will help you find a perfect solar power bank for your camping needs. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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