8 Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper in 2021

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When on a camping trip for an adventure, often bugs and insects can ruin the trip. What if there was an eco-friendly manner to kill those insects? The solution for this is a modern innovation in bug-zapping tech; a solar powered bug zapper will quickly invade the insects and pests without requiring proximity to a power outlet, killing insects that may invade your property or camping trip.

As the name implies, it uses solar energy just like any other solar-powered device. Solar bug zapper uses photovoltaic cells to draw in energy from the sun, then electrocute the insects upon the touch and attract them using life. It also generates electricity to power the light source. This article compiles comprehensive information about the 8 solar-powered bug zappers to help you make an ideal purchase.

What to Look For in a “Solar-Powered Bug Zapper”

Before you purchase a solar-powered bug zapper, these are some essential considerations you need to know to make an informed purchasing decision.

  • Installation – Some solar powered bug zappers are difficult to install, while others are easier to hang using the loop. 
  • High Voltage: If you live in bug-infested areas, you should select a solar-powered bug zapper with a killer grill of 1000 volts current.
  • Design And Style: Design matters even if you’re using the solar product to kill insects. Choose the design according to the requirement. For indoors, looped bug zapper can be used, and for outdoors staked one.
  • Quality: Always purchase solar products from trusted brands or are recognized brands. 
  • Charging and running time: the solar-powered bug zapper will get charged during the day and power the rapper by night. Before purchasing any bug zapper, make sure to check the charging and running time.
  • Price: Price is the constant consideration. When you give more money, you should receive more features. Pay the money equivalent to the features of the product.
  • USB Cable: For indoors or outdoors, if you need a super-strong solar-bug zapper, then ensure it comes with a USB cable so that you can charge it even if sunlight is not present.
  • Material: Most bug zappers in the market are made of plastic, which is easier to clean and break. However, solar bug zapper made up of steel and aluminum is durable and less susceptible to damages. 
  • Warranty: Purchase a solar-powered bug zapper with at least 1 year of warranty. Of course, if it’s longer than 12 months, then the better the product is.

List Of 11 Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Solar products like solar-powered zappers, ovens, flashlights, and many more have taken the market by storm, and there is an abundance of choices to select the perfect product. Therefore, it can be difficult to make an ideal selection. However, we have done the footwork and brought you 8 of the best solar-powered bug zapper.

PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch

Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper,PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch

PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch is a sustainable solution designed for the outdoors. It is weatherproof and effortlessly charges using natural sunlight producing no air pollutants or fuel replacements.

  • Power Source: Solar powered
  • Product Dimensions‎: 12 x 3 x 17 inches
  • Batteries: ‎1 Lithium-ion battery
Pinewood Pete Electric Mosquito Killer Bug Zappers UV Lamp Mosquito Zappers Mosquito Lamp Safe & Non Toxic Insect Killer Flies Trap with Trap Lamp for Indoor Home, Outdoor - 01
  • Effective Mosquito Killer: Mosquito Killer for your home, living room, dining room, bedroom, office, balcony, patio, garden. Equipped with a powerful power grid to instantly kill any bugs, with built-in high-intensity lamps for long service life.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Bug Zappers: Attract mosquitoes, flies through a physical light source, then trap and electrocute the flies, and the fly killer instantly kills them with the help of an internal electrical grid.
  • Easy to Clean: All that you must do in order to clean and disinfect the electric mosquito killer, empty the tray with the dead in mosquitos.
  • Portable: The fly killer comes with a loop that makes it easy to hang on trees, porches, and anywhere you want.
  • Electronic Mosquito Killer: Covering 2100 square feet of insecticidal area, this mosquito killer can attract a large number of mosquitoes, fly under the light, provide reliable and effective pest control, and give you a quiet summer.

What We Love

We love this product because it has a flickering Light effect, almost making it look like real life. It uses UV light to attract bugs so that they can be zapped. The zapping produces no sound. 

The solar-powered bug zapper is perfect for outdoor use as it is weatherproof and can sustain damages from rain, snow, or winds.

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love this product because a single torch just kills a few bugs every night. You should buy a few of these torches rather than just one.

Our Verdict

We totally recommend this product, as it is one of the best deals available in the market. This product is an ideal accessory for your next outdoor trip as solar powered-bug zapper works as expected and charges well during the day.

Bell+Howell Monster Zapper

Bell+Howell Monster Zapper

If you’re looking for a healthier and eco-friendly option, then this is the ideal option for you. This solar powered bug zapper is waterproof and will last a long service life without maintenance. It is also a perfect option to choose for camping trips. You will not need dangerous insect repellents to keep your friends and family safe, as the Bell+Howell Monster Zapper comes with 360 degrees of all-around suction and will keep your living space and environment bug-free and sanitized. 

  • Colour: Black
  • Power source: Solar powered
Bug Zapper Indoor, Plug-in Mosquito Killer Trap, Electric Gnat Fly Trap Zapper for House Mini Insect Killer Light Eliminates Flying Pests for Home, Little Gnats Zapper, Insect Repellent (2 Pack)
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE: Latest 2022 version to make your living space out of annoying insects and bugs effectively. With high-intensity light, this outdoor fly killer can attract and remove all kinds of flying insects or ants.
  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Clear your home from insects without any sticky, messy substances or sprays, this natural physical outdoor fly zapper and bug zapper indoor is entirely safe to human and pets.
  • EASY TO USE: Just plug the fly killer light in the socket before it will immediately help you remove flies. this fly killer electronic is also easy to replace and looks extremely elegant and minimal in your places.
  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING: Unplug the electric bug zapper and use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for 10 seconds, then remove the lid and use a tissue or a small brush to clean the dead insects.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Don't worry about noise! Just plug into the socket and press the button, this mosquito killer will start to work noiselessly. We recommend installing at least one gnat killer in your bedroom.

What We Love

We love that the Monster Zapper comes in a pack of two and is simple to install. It takes less than 5 minutes to be installed as it comes with stakes that can be driven into the ground, and the head should be attached. In addition to it, it can last a longer service life without maintenance or care.

What We Didn’t Love

Despite its good features and simple installation, it could do with some improvements. If you live in a bug-infested area, then you might have to buy a couple more of these solar bug zappers.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as some of the most decent solar-powered bug zappers, as they are safe and eco-friendly. 

KOOLATRON Solar Zapper

KOOLATRON Solar Zapper

Lentek Bite Shield Solar-powered bug zapper has one of the easiest installations from the products. You just need to hang it somewhere high where it receives the sunlight.

  • Power source: Solar powered
  • Colour: Green
  • Weight: 2 pounds
Koolatron 110V AC to 12V DC Power Adapter with Circuit Breaker, AC to DC Power Converter, 12V 5A DC Power Supply, Black, 6 Ft Cord for 12V Portable Devices, Compressor, Cooler, Car Fridge, and More
  • 110V AC to 12V DC ADAPTER - This universal adapter converts 110V AC input to 12V DC output so you can power your 12V devices from a standard household plug
  • 6 FOOT LONG POWER CORD - The generous black 6 foot (1.8m) cord is long enough to reach wherever you need it
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - With a universal 12V socket, you can use this versatile adapter to power any device rated at 5 amps or less that you would plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter
  • AUTOMATIC RESET CIRCUIT BREAKER - As a safety feature, a built-in circuit breaker protects your devices and power source from damage caused by overloads or short circuits and automatically resets after a fault
  • MAKE YOUR 12V DEVICES TWICE AS USEFUL - With this 12V AC adapter you can double the usefulness of your 12V travel products - use your cooler as a bar fridge, inflate your pool toys without draining your battery, and more

What We Love

We love this product because it has a metal grill that kills mosquitoes, months, and files when it passes through the high voltage. The insect getting in contact with a 1200C charged grill dies. 

It has a loop for hanging, so it requires no complex installation. It also has a long-running time and usually lasts up to 8 hours.

What We Didn’t Love

 There is no information regarding the warranty of the product and eliminates only a few bugs at night. 

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it has a long-running time and the installation is not very complex. It has a loop that can be hung from a height.

White Kaiman Solar Bug Zapper and Lantern

White Kaiman Solar Bug Zapper and Lantern

Bug Zapper Lantern is a highly efficient, sturdy stainless, and extremely portable solar bug zapper that attracts said mosquitos, flies, fruit flies, and other pesky bugs. Suppose you consider the run times of another solar-powered zapper in the market against the White Kaiman Solar-Powered Mosquito Killer lamp. In that case, it gives you over 40 hours of zapping with just 5 hours of charging with direct exposure to sunlight. It’s one of the incredible products as it has unparalleled durability. 

  • Colour: White
  • Charge Time: Full after 5 hours 
  • Power source: Solar powered 
  • Capacity: 1800 mAh
Bug Zapper Fly Zapper & Mosquito Zapper Portable Indoor Bug Zapper Super-Fast Electric Trap Ideal for Fly Traps Indoors Camping Bug Zapper Fly Trap Electronic Fly Zapper Indoor(White)…
  • [Protect Your Home] The mosquito and fly zapper can protect you and your family from nasty bugs and bites. It is a small, careful, and almost silent error-cleaning device. Do not use the bug zapper outdoors. It’s designed for indoor use, providing you and your family with error-free home life.
  • [bug zapper indoor] It’s a powerful and portable Bug Light Zapper. The electronic bug zapper can easily clear up mosquitoes, flies and gnats. With this high voltage electric bug zapper, no annoying bugs.
  • [6 Purple LEDs] Based on the habits of mosquitoes, the purple LED of the bug zapper can accurately release the ultraviolet light wave of about 368nm, and mosquitoes will automatically rush to the electric net and be killed. Easy to use the device is very suitable for indoor use such as houses and trips etc.
  • [1200mAh Large Capacity Battery] It can be charged via a micro USB quickly and easily, with an antistatic switch for up to 7 hours. You can take it with you and place it at any place, no wires necessary. Just turn on the power, and bugs will disappear.
  • [No Chemicals]-Kill bugs by physical means without any chemical or nasty thing. Quick, peaceable, and effective, can be used around kids and pets. Just for you and your family.

What We Love

We love this product because it can also work as a normal lantern with cold white LED Light. It is extremely portable and waterproof, making it ideal for camping or hanging outdoors. When you are not using this as a bug zapper, you can use the LED lights as a traditional lantern.

What We Didn’t Love

We loved everything about this product except that it is not as effective at instant bug zapping as other mentioned products.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product mainly for two reasons. In a single charge, the first can last up to 4p hours, and the second is the dual nature of the product. Depending on your need, you can use it as a traditional lantern or a bug zapper.

PIC Portable Solar Lantern and Bug Zapper 

As the name implies, this bug zapper comes with two LED lanterns and UV lights of 500v zapper. It is charged using solar or AC power and has a battery life of up to 12 hours. 

  • Power: 500-Volt
  • LED Settings: 60 lumens, 90 lumens and 180 lumens
  • Installation: Place, hook or hang
  • Used: Indoors or outdoors
Bug Zapper,Portable Mosquito Killer-Double Baits,Dual Mode,Ultra-Quiet,Power Saving,Indoor Mosquito Zapper-Mosquito Trap for Mosquito,Insect,Fly and Gnat-Giveaway Cleaning Brushe and Hooks
  • 【2022 Upgrade Double Bait Insect Killer】 The mosquito killer uses the habits of mosquitoes to increase the killing effect of mosquitoes by 99%. Insecticide emits 368nm variable frequency light wave bait, and releases odor bait that mimics the human body. Effectively trapped and shocked mosquitoes. It can easily keep you away from flying insects, mosquitoes and other pests.It is recommended to continue to use for 2-3 months for better results.
  • 【Silence and Power saving】Low decibel, 25db ultra-quiet operation,Suitable for night use,so that you and your family have a quieter and comfortable sleeping environment.The mosquito killer is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, etc. It must be kept out of the reach of children. Do not handle or use near sinks or other water storage areas.;low energy consumption,5W low power operation, more power saving. It can save you more electricity bills every month.
  • 【Safe and lighting mode】Portable mosquito killer is made of fire-proof ABS materials. The internal grid is surrounded by a sturdy ABS shell, which prevents children and pets from touching. Our portable mosquito killer is Non-toxic, tasteless, harmless. Pure physical bug zapper can be used safely by children, pregnant women and pets.When you don't need to catch mosquitoes, you can change the lighting mode, which is very convenient when you get up at night.
  • 【Portable and wide range of effects】There is a small hanging loop on the top of the mosquito killer, which is convenient for outdoor carrying and use anytime, anywhere; 360-degree traps and kills mosquitoes, there is nowhere for mosquitoes to escape within 165 sq ft.Very suitable for bedroom, living room, kitchen, courtyard, garden, backyard, etc.It works best when you turn it on two hours before going to bed. You can enjoy a quiet, mosquito-free night.
  • 【Service Guarantee and give-away】Including 1 small cleaning brush,1 Travel plug,2 hook and Small rag. If you have any questions about our mosquito killer, please feel free to email us. We will solve your problem within 24 hours and promise to guarantee 12-month exchange service.

What We Love

What we love is this product can get charged using solar power or simply the micro-USB charger, and the charged battery lasts up to 12 hours, making this an ideal option for all those late-night cookouts and parties. 

What We Didn’t Love

What we didn’t love about this product is the fact that it is quite expensive. And while it is perfect to use outdoors, the charging time at times can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, it doesn’t even last 6 hours, even after charging for about an entire day. Other concerns would be, the solar-powered bug zapper is made with weak plastic poles and would hardly stand against the windy conditions.

Our Verdict

We recommend this solar bug zapper as it can light up your outdoor and indoors and simultaneously zapping away the bugs and insects.

Other Solar Powered Bug Zapper Worth Considering 

If the options mentioned, do not suit your purchasing needs. Take a look at a few mentioned below.

GutResise Solar Bug Lamp

The solar bug zapper fits offices, restaurants, hospitals, and outdoors like camping and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Solar Powered Insect Mosquito and Fly Trap, 30W Solar Panel, 5000mAh, Battery Light Sensor, from Dusk to Dawn for Yard, Garden, Street, Basketball Court
  • 🦟【Powerful】: UV bulb and silent fan can trap insects without the sound of electricity or buzzing, covering an extended area of up to 1 acre; all-weather trap. Note: It takes at least 3 weeks to capture enough mosquitoes to make an impact and 6 weeks to break the breeding cycle.
  • 🦟【Effectively attract and trap flying insects】: Trap catches:,mosquitoes, biting flies, house flies, sand flies, blow flies, drain flies, flies, moths, no-see-ums, June beetles, wasps, yellow jackets, stink bugs , gnats, and biting midges, triple protection for your home and possessions.
  • 🦟【Working Time】:The solar trap is equipped with 30W solar panel and built-in 5000mAh battery. It provides over 10 hours of work from dusk to dawn after a full charge during the day. Note: Please make sure the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight. Please connect the Insect traps with the solar panel before use, otherwise it will not work properly.
  • 🦟【IPx4 waterproof and installation method】IPx4 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use in any extreme weather conditions all year round. It is easy to install. With adjustable wall mount bracket and four expansion screws. No wiring required. It is recommended that you place the unit at least 20 to 40 feet away from where people will be sitting
  • 🦟【EPA Approved Insect Exterminator】:The Morpilot Trap meets the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), complies with applicable labeling laws, and we never make any "false or misleading claims". Morpilot Trap works through UV light, fans and physical attraction. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for humans. It can also be used safely by the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper

Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper is of high-quality design, waterproof and weather-resistant design. It is portable and easy to install.

Bug Zapper Outdoor, 2 Pack RECHOO 2-in-1 Solar Bug Mosquito Zapper, Solar Outdoor Lights with Motion Sensor, Waterproof Solar Powered Mosquito Fly Zapper Killer Trap for Outdoor Use
  • Upgraded 2-In-1 Solar Bug Zapper: This is a multi-function bug zapper outdoor. It is not only a high-efficiency mosquito killer but also the high lumen solar lights outdoor with a motion sensor. Two working modes with two kinds of light color, purple and white can satisfy your various needs and they can work at the same time.
  • Effective Physical Mosquito Zapper: The fly zapper uses a wavelength of 365 Nm ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects into the bug zapper and kill them with a 900V electric shock. No chemical, no odd smell and harmful spray, only the effect of current, protects you and your family far away from Mosquito.
  • Bright & Large Coverage Solar Motion Sensor Lights: The solar security lights with 155° wide-angle illumination and 30 lumens white lights can provide excellent brightness and high illumination coverage. A sensitive PIR motion inductor provides motion sensitivity up to 7-10 feet with a 155° detect angle. Each lighting time is about 20s and can be extended for another 20s if detected again.
  • Energy Saving & Auto ON/OFF: The solar bug zapper equipped with a wider solar panel and 1200mAh large capacity battery, will automatically charge at the daytime. Powered by solar energy is also energy-saving and eco-friendly. The solar motion lights outdoor will automatically work at night after 8 hours fully charged.
  • Durable Mosquito Zapper & Easy Installation: This sturdy mosquito zapper is made of IP44 waterproof and fireproof ABS material which is durable, weather-resistant, and heatproof. The solar lights outdoor have two installation ways, using screw or 3M adhesive tape (both included). No wiring is required, just takes a little time to finish the installation.  Please turn it on before installation.
  • Pranite Bug Zapper

Paranite Bug Zapper can be used indoor and outdoor as it is portable and is an efficient and effective mosquito killer.

Indoor Bug Zappers, Insect Traps for Indoors Mosquito Killer for Kids & Pets, Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Baby Room, Office (2, Bule)
  • Bug Zapper Indoor: Upgraded protective cover has ultra high light transmittance. It attracts bugs with emitting high-intensity light and can be placed indoors, such as balcony, bedroom, parlor, kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc
  • No Chemical, No Harm to Human & Pets: Made of Eco-friendly material. Get rid of mosquitoes fast without sticky, messy poisons or sprays. Use natural physical method gets rid of flies. Great for places where pesticides can't be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals. Completely harmless to human and pets.Gnat traps for house indoor
  • Safely Bug Zappers, the narrow housing interval (less than 0.22 in) of mosquito zapper can effectively prevent fingers from high-voltage power grid by accidentaccident
  • Easy to Clean: To clean dead mosquitoes, ensure the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet and then use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for static electricity release. Use the tissue or small brush to get the dead bugs out
  • Easy to Use: Plug it in and wait. For better results, please put your fly traps in areas where flying insects are frequent activity.

What do we mean by a solar-powered bug zapper, and how does it work?

The solar-powered bug zapper is like the electrical zapper, except it works on a sustainable form of solar energy. The bug zapper or torches emit UV light, which attracts insects, and then when in contact with the charged grill, they die. UV light attracts the moth. They bring themselves in touch with the grill and perish. 

Why use a solar-powered bug zapper?

Solar-powered bug rappers are highly efficient and durable. It consumes renewable forms of energy to sustain the environment. The zapper having high-quality components gets charged during the daytime and automatically works during any day.

Are they worth it over other conventional options? 

Yes, the solar-powered bug zapper is a more convenient option against other conventional sources. As it uses solar energy, which is in abundance. The solar-powered bug zapper uses the renewable form of energy and helps sustain the environment. Solar-powered bug zapper uses renewable energy to sustain the environment. Renewable energy is a naturally occurring energy source and is inexhaustible. Solar energy produces no fossil or nuclear fuel hence works in an eco-friendly way.

Should you just DIY a Solar-powered Bug Zapper 

Yes, it is possible to build a solar-powered bug zapper. But rather than spending so much time making it, it is easier to buy it as it is not expensive. It can be built within a few minutes with few items and a load of time.

Items you will need-:

  • An old lantern
  • 6V rechargeable acid battery 
  • 6 Long wooden dowels
  • 1-yard mesh plywood.
  • 2 garden plant vase dish

Steps to build a Solar-powered Bug Zapper

In 5 simple steps, it is possible to build your solar-powered bug zapper. The fives steps are as follows:- 

  1. Make the foundation using the parts from the old lantern. Use the vase to make the base and mount the mesh using the wood. Ensure the diameter is measured to fit snugly in the end caps.
  2. Drill holes in the base and use the dowel as an insulator between the mesh to make the structure. Make 6 holes for wood dowel and ensure they are equally spaced around the base and inner mesh intersecting them.
  3. After the alignment, use a solar panel on one side and paint the other with black color. Solder the leads from the mesh wires in the corner. 
  4. Use the handle from an old lantern by cutting slots on top of the endcap. Mount the power cord, switch, led’s, and handles. 
  5. The components from the old lantern are mounted on the bug zapper, and everything is glued together. 

The solar-powered bug zapper is ready to kill all moths, bugs, and insects.

Pros and cons of solar powered bug zapper


  • Eco-Friendly: A solar-powered bug zapper has less risk against the traditional fire torch, emitting pollutants in the environment. It is eco-friendly and considers a green and effective bug or insect control instrument. 
  • Easy To Use: The installation of solar-powered bug zappers is not very complex and easy to use.
  • Versatile and functional: The solar bug zapper can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is functional, and you can use it anywhere if charged enough with the sunlight.
  • Safe: As it doesn’t spray any toxic chemicals, it’s safe for pets and children.


  • Noise: Some solar bug zappers produce zapping noises. 
  • Ineffective: Bug zappers are ineffective against mosquitoes. 


Do bug zappers kill all types of insects?

Well, it depends on the type of bug zapper you are buying, but the most common bugs killed by solar-powered bug zappers include flies, moths, bugs, and mosquitos.

Does the solar-powered bug zapper come with a catch tray?

Mostly, only indoor bug zappers come with catch trays.

Are solar powered bug zappers waterproof? 

Yes, the solar-powered bug zappers are waterproof and can stand damages against rain, wind, and air. 

What is the best location to put a solar powered bug zapper? 

Generally, try positioning 29 feet away from where your family and friends are, mostly hanging it from the tree or by the pole in your patio where the sunlight reaches easily.

Can I clean my solar bug zapper?

If the solar-powered bug zapper is made of plastic, you can wipe it with a piece of cloth. And another bug zapper can be cleaned with a brush. 

Does the solar bug zapper work in daylight? 

Yes, it does work in daylight but is not very effective. Daylight should be used to charge the zapper and used at night when bugs and flying insects are more active at night.

Tips and tricks for using a solar powered bug zapper

  • Make sure the solar panel is placed where it can get enough sunlight. 
  • Ensure it is well charged during the daytime. 
  • Don’t replace the battery often, if it comes with a battery as it is only one-
  • time spent.
  • Look for a solar-powered bug zapper with a large solar panel to get enough sunlight throughout the day.
  • Be careful; while cleaning, don’t get the water on top of the device. Mostly, the bug zappers are pretty much self-cleaning and will drop the bugs out from the bottom.
  • Some bug zappers don’t work well during the day. Use that time to charge your solar-powered bug zapper and use it with more insects and mosquitoes during the night.
  • To ensure optimal charging, remove any obstacles obscuring its position. Strategically place the item where it receives enough sunlight. 
  • Check the warranty before buying the solar-powered bug zapper. 
  • For efficient and effective zapping of bugs, leave the solar-powered bug zapper 24/7. Alternatively, charge it during the day and keep using it from dusk to dawn.

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