Best 15 Solar Powered Exhaust Fans In 2021

What better way to harness solar energy with a solar-powered exhaust fan! You will agree with me that solar power is the most revolutionizing energy in the present times.

Power companies are working hard to reduce power outages in their areas. Electricity is required in even a small household. It is not a luxury but a necessity. But with the surging power charges, you won’t want your electricity bill to overturn your entire budget.

But there is a way in which you can say both energy and your hard-earned money!

Solar-powered exhaust ventilation fans are a one-time investment that gives benefits for a long period of time. The ventilation fans use solar energy to generate power and save you thousands in bills every month. Plus point, they are also environmentally friendly.

15 Best Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

Below is the list of the 15 best solar powered exhaust ventilation fans with their reviews. The exhaust fans prevent mold from growing and improve the ventilation of your homes. They are free to install; it thus saves your engineer’s fee too.

Go through the reviews and decide which solar exhaust fan will suit the needs of your house the best.

1. 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan

25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan

If you wish to fix the exhaust fan in a quiet place, this is your one-stop. 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator comes with a highly efficient motor.

The motor is totally soundproof thus best for all places. Forget the days when you couldn’t focus on work because of the whirring sound of the ventilation fan. With this product, you can even meditate in the same room.

Undoubtedly the Roof Vent Fan works best when exposed to direct sunlight. But that does not mean that it will betray you on a cloudy or rainy day. The product runs on low voltage, thus ensuring proper ventilation in all weather conditions.

The attic vent accompanying the product needs no special process for installation. The 30W foldable solar panel also comes with adjustable brackets and a 1 pc 16 ft solar cable. This gives you the freedom to place the panel in any direction as suits the conditions the best.

The solar-powered exhaust fans are affordable. It makes it one of the top choices in the market.


You Can Check Best Solar Powered Fans & Their Reviews in 2021

  • Soundproof Motor
  • Works at Low Voltage
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable Price

2. Amtrak Solar Powerful 40-Watt Galvanized Steel Solar Attic Fan

Amtrak Solar Powerful 40-Watt Galvanized Steel Solar Attic Fan

This product is great for those looking for an exhaust fan that cools their room.

Amtrak Solar Powerful 40-Watt hurls out all the hot air from your attic. This, in turn, brings the temperature down from 150°F to 90°F. The exhaust also doesn’t create much sound and thus helps you concentrate.

The solar panel helps in the functioning of the fan and is extremely durable. It comes with a free thermostat and can power the fan all day. The solar-powered exhaust fan keeps the circulation of air fresh and maintains a calm atmosphere.

The Solar Attic fan is perfect for an RV. It ventilates your RV which is great for holidays and weekend breaks. You can thoroughly enjoy your long drives with this exhaust fan. The upgraded fan blade allows for faster and effective performance.

  • Brings down the temperature
  • Generates over 30 years of solar power
  • Ventilates your RV
  • Highly Durable

3. Amtrak 12″ Solar Exhaust DC Fan

Amtrak 12" Solar Exhaust DC Fan

Amtrak 12″ is small in size but that does not mean it is lacking. The Solar Exhaust DC Fan is extremely powerful and energy-efficient.

At 80 Watts, it can cool your entire house in a span of a few minutes. The solar panel required for this fan can range between 20 watts to 100 watts. It also contains a high-performance DC motor.

Because of the small size, the DC fan is quite easy to carry. It also comes with a 25-year warranty. It, therefore, proves to be a long-term and safe investment. The fan cools the air and is very reliable.

Apart from all these stunning features, the exhaust fan is also affordable. Priced at $54.95, it squeezes right into your budget. If you want an exhaust fan for a bigger place, such as a greenhouse or animal shed, then this is where your search ends.

This product can connect to bigger solar panels as per your requirements. It thus can remove moisture and create a comfortable environment for plants and animals.

  • High-performance DC motor
  • Reasonably priced
  • Small and easy to carry
  • 25-year warranty
  • Can work with bigger solar panels

4. Remington SF25-GR – Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

Remington SF25-GR

Remington SF25-GR can ventilate vast areas and is supported by a 24-volt motor. The exhaust fan covers about 1800 square ft. This makes it ideal for warehouses and barns. It can remove the hot air and moisture.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty. That alone can prove the authenticity of the product. This exhaust fan is not only suited for the outhouses but also for your homes. The motor is almost soundproof which creates a peaceful atmosphere. It lets you concentrate on your work.

Priced at $400, this exhaust fan can save you a lot of money on the electricity bills. Accompanied by a lifetime warranty, it can be a very useful investment.

Remington SF25 comes with an in-built thermostat. The solar vent is activated at 80°F and comes with no wiring. This means that as soon the sun goes down, the power is turned off. The exhaust fan is very easy to install and makes your home more comfortable to live in.

  • Area coverage 1800 square ft.
  • In-built Thermostat
  • 24-volt motor
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install

5. Natural Light 36 Watt Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light 36 Watt Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light Energy 12 Watt Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can save you money.

The exhaust fan is powered completely by free solar energy. The efficient vent is both compact and quiet. It installs easily on pitched fiberglass-asphalt shingle roofs, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician, and city permits.

A single 12-watt unit can fully vent up to 1,260 square feet. The solar attic fan offers improved circulation in attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, even barns. It comes with a 25-year warranty.

The solar panel can be tilted up to a 45° angle for maximum solar energy utilization. The product comes with a fire safety cutoff switch. The exhaust fan can take up to an hour to install.

  • Minimize backpressure of exhaust gases.
  • Maximize the exposure of the sun to the solar panel.
  • 12 watt Capacity up to 893 cfms (for up to 1260 sq feet).
  • Manufacturer’s 25-Year Warranty

6. Natural Light Florida Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light Florida Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fans are easily installed on pitched Fiberglass-Asphalt Shingle roofs and are a great product for proper attic ventilation. Natural Light brand solar attic fans are the top-rated by builders and are of the highest quality built in the USA.

The DC motor is powered by the included 36-watt solar panel. The attic fan motor moves hot air and moisture out of the attic space every day during full sun hours.

The solar panel is adjustable from flat up to a 45-degree angle. It moves up to 1628 cubic feet per minute under full direct sun. This fan will clear the warm air and keep your house cool. It is suitable for hot temperatures.

With the adjustable solar panels, you can easily get the maximum benefit of sunlight.

  • 25-year warranty 
  • Easily installed
  • No wiring required.
  • All necessary installation hardware included.

7. Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

Broan-NuTone’s Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator features a 28-watt solar panel that captures sunlight to efficiently convert it into electric power.

It keeps your attic cool and dry all day long at a maximum of 537 CFM. The 12” diameter, one-piece aluminum 5-blade fan is pitched for maximum airflow to keep your living area cooler. It extends the life of your air conditioner and saves energy and money.

The low-profile, integrated design creates an attractive, unobtrusive addition to your roof. It does not need props or pivoting stands.

The housing, constructed of UV-stabilized ABS plastic, and rugged, tempered glass solar panel withstands large hail and won’t delaminate or fade over time due to weather.

Installation is quick and easy with the compact base footprint allowing for fewer shingles to be cut and housing frame including positive stops to “seat” the dome. This unit includes stainless steel fasteners and galvanized steel brackets for durability and corrosion resistance, and an aluminum, heavy-gauge screen to keep out insects, animals, or birds without impeding airflow.

  • 28-Watt solar-powered attic ventilator
  • Maximum 537 CFM year-round
  • Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable and attractive

8. SOLATEK Solar Ventilation Fan

SOLATEK Solar Ventilation Fan

SOLATEK Solar Fan is powered by solar energy and work both day and night. The exhaust fan has intake and exhaust blades that allow airflow at1000 cu.ft./hour.

The product is water-resistant which makes it perfect for all weather conditions. This solar-powered exhaust fan is safe and pollution-free. So if you are eco-friendly, this is the product for you.

SOLATEK is small and noise-free. It reduces heat arising and makes the place comfortable. It also prevents damp and makes the area with fresh air.

The installation of this exhaust fan is no hassle. It can be used for various places such as caravans, yacht, boats, greenhouses, RVs, trucks, offices, home conservation, garage, dog house, kitchens, loft, farmhouse, barn, building, telephone boxes, mobile toilet, etc.

  • Fully powered by solar energy
  • Extremely quiet
  • Water-resistant
  • With one-year warranty

9. ECO LLC Solar Powered Roof Mounting Ventilator Stainless Steel Attic Fan

ECO LLC Solar Powered Roof Mounting Ventilator Stainless Steel Attic Fan

The Solar Roof Vent is a simple way to ventilate boats, caravans, greenhouses, etc.

The exhaust fan is fully powered by solar energy and operates automatically. It operates without wires, without batteries, and without any running cost.

The ECO LLC fan is very powerful and easy to install. It is perfect for small spaces that require ventilation and cooling. The exhaust fan moves 11.6 cubic feet of air per minute. It hurls out the hot air instantly and your boat or room cools down in minutes.

The small but effective Solar Power Roof Mounting ventilator is affordable too. The aerodynamic design allows for less drag and thus results in a smooth sailing experience.

  • 100% Energy Savings
  • Good for Boat/Deck or Roof Ventilation.
  • Easy Installation
  • Aerodynamic design

10. SolarCozi Solar Attic Exhaust Fan Ventilation Roof Mounted 1300 CFM

SolarCozi Solar Attic Exhaust Fan Ventilation Roof Mounted 1300 CFM

The solar-powered attic fan is excellent at exhausting attic spaces for roofs. The solar panel provides energy to the fan on sunny days to cool your attic temperatures.

The Solar Fan Housing is made of metal and is rust-free. Its design looks pleasing and professional on roofs.

The fan automatically regulates itself when the temperature is higher than 86°F. It also provides needed ventilation to decrease moisture and water vapor in your attic. This, combined with the decreased attic temperature, can increase the longevity of your entire roof system.

This Attic Fan provides more than 1300 CFM of ventilation. This compact fan is great for small spaces. For larger spaces, you can add more fans to get the job done.

This fan is great for sheds, garages, greenhouses, campers, boats, covered patios, dog houses, chicken coops, etc. This fan will cool your space cheaper, easier, and more effectively.

  • Excellent at exhausting attic spaces for roofs
  • Can easily replace standard powered attic ventilators
  • Decreases moisture and water vapor in your attic.
  • The exhaust is more than 1300CFM.
  • Great for small spaces.

11. Ultra-Fab Mini Solar Plumbing Vent

Ultra-Fab Mini Solar Plumbing Vent

Ultra-Fab Mini Solar Plumbing vent is perfect for RVs and sheds.

The aerodynamic design provides for less drag co-efficiency. It minimizes the clotting of your vents and can be installed easily on RV’s rooftop. However, this fabulous mini vent can also be used in houses.

The exhaust fan is fully solar-powered without any wiring. Thus it starts and switches off automatically. The durable powder coat finish gives the vent a stunning look. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

It automatically removes RV plumbing odor and moisture. The product is durable as well as affordable. The small vent will surely save you tons and also give your house or RV a fabulous look.

  • Aerodynamic for less drag co-efficiency
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Installs easily on the rooftop
  • No wiring required
  • Automatically removes RV plumbing odors

12. Solar Attic Fan- Natural Light

Solar Attic Fan- Natural Light

The Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can save you money.

Powered completely by free solar energy, this efficient vent is both compact and quiet. It installs easily on pitched fiberglass-asphalt roofs, with no expensive electrician and city permits.

A single 36-watt unit can fully vent up to 2,625 square feet, operating at up to 1,628 cfms. The product is suitable for all places- attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, even barns.

The Solar Attic Fan cools your roof extending the material life and reduces the load on your air conditioning system. It also increases fresh air circulation.

This exhaust fan requires no wiring. You can purchase a thermostat separately if you live in cooler climates. However, for the ones inhabiting hot places, this exhaust fan is a blessing for you.

  • Can fully vent up to 2,500 square feet.
  • Exhausts at up to 1,628 cfms
  • Easily installed with no wiring required.
  • Qualified for 30% Solar Federal tax credits.
  • 25-Year warranty

13. GBGS Solar Attic Fan

GBGS Solar Attic Fan

If you don’t want your attic to turn into a sauna, then grab this solar-powered exhaust fan.

GBGS Solar Attic Fan cuts down on your bills and effectively reduces attic heat in the summer. The 24-volt motor is whisper quiet and helps in creating a calm environment,

The motor is powered by a 20-watt solar panel that is thermostatically controlled. The motor turns on if the temperature reaches 77℉, and auto shut off once it cools to 65℉.

The exhaust fan works efficiently on sunny days to exhaust out the indoor heat & smell. It does not let any exterior air in and keeps the living & working environment always clean & fresh.

A smooth-air Deflector in the shroud of the fan produces a smoother airflow and increases exhaust performance. The panel can be set at different angles to receive maximum sunlight directly.

The exhaust fan ventilates up to 1750 CFM. The motor is waterproof and thus useful in all weather conditions.

  • Quiet brushless motor,
  • Nylon-fiber-aluminum blades
  • Easy installation,
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable solar panel

14. Solar Powered Attic Fan- 24 Watt Gable Exhaust Vent

Solar Powered Attic Fan- 24 Watt Gable Exhaust Vent

Solar Powered Attic Fan – 24 Watt Gable Exhaust Vent is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and even save you money.

Powered completely by free solar energy, this efficient attic vent is compact, quiet, and powerful.

Solar attic fans pull hot air and moisture out of your attic extending the life of your roof. In the summer months, it keeps your attic cooler. In the winter months, it prevents moisture build-up and ice damming.

These exhaust fans are one of the best in their class with the highest standards for quality and functionality. It comes with a 25-year product warranty. The installation of the fan is easy and takes only an hour.

The Natural Light Energy Systems 24-W Gable Mounted Solar Attic Fan can fully vent up to 2,100 square feet. Priced at $389.70, it may seem a bit expensive. But the features of the product make up for its price.

  • 24-Watt with Capacity
  • For areas up to 2100 Sq. Ft.
  • Easily Installed.
  • Built to Last
  • 25-Year warranty

15. Solar Blaster- Solar Attic Fan

Solar Blaster- Solar Attic Fan

These solar-powered ventilation fans can be installed into any ridge vent application. The product’s zero-maintenance flashing system boasts to sport one of the cleanest looks in the industry.

Since the most efficient way to remove attic heat is at the highest point, this product helps boost the effectiveness of a passive ridge vent system. It is an ideal ventilation choice for any home that does not currently have any powered roof ventilation.

Trapped heat and moisture in one’s attic, not only diminishes the comfort of one’s home environment but also reduces the life expectancy of your entire roof.

The Solar RidgeBlaster comes in a three fan configuration and includes a 10W solar panel, a maintenance-free flashing system, and an installation guide along with the necessary screws, clips, and plumbing tape required for proper installation.

Its benefit is to boost the effectiveness of your passive roof ventilation system with solar power. The exhaust fan can work at all temperatures. If you go through the installation guide, you can easily install this product on your own.

  • Solar-powered roof and attic ventilation fan for ridge vents
  • 10W solar panel
  • Work on all temperatures
  • No wiring required
  • No attic access required to install


You have read the 2021 reviews of the best 15 solar-powered exhaust fans. These solar ventilation fans will reduce your dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. Undoubtedly they bring down your electricity consumption and the bill.

When you buy an exhaust, it must accord to the area you want to fit it in. Many products come with a warranty of a minimum of 25 years.

It is always better to go for such brands as this is one product that doesn’t degrade quickly. Keep in view the power it generates before making the purchase.

If you want to invest in more solar products to save the planet, you can try solar outdoor lights or solar deck lights.

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