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If the idea of going days without scrub or bath during camping or in a cold creek repels you. Then a solar shower bag is a solution for you. As the name indicates, it is a shower where the water is heated by solar energy. Nothing beats a shower in the forest during camping or trekking, even if it’s only 1/10th as promising as the one you’d have at home! A solar shower bag is kind of a bag made up of heat-absorbing material that holds water. Then the bag is left out in the sun, which absorbs UV rays, thus heating the water on the inside.

It usually comes with additional add-ons like shower spray, loop and straps to make it easy to hang above. A solar shower bag helps lessen the amount of fuel you will require to heat water. This article provides comprehensive information about the solar shower bag to help you make an ideal purchase.

What to Look For in a “Solar Shower Bag”

Before you purchase a solar shower bag, these are some essential considerations you need to know to make an informed purchasing decision.

  • Installation – Some solar shower bags are difficult to mount, while others are easier to hang and require up to 2 people to install. On the other hand, the smaller versions may not have so much water capacity. This is one of the most essential trade-offs to keep in mind.
  • The material – Always look for solar shower bags made up of rigid, durable, and quick heating materials as you don’t want the bag to spill the water when hanged or snagged.
  • Heating Capacity – Keep in mind, as long as you get a solar shower bag with good heat absorption, which allows sunlight to penetrate to the transparent side and then at the backend, it gets absorbed by black backing, it will allow maximum heating efficiency.
  • Price – The other vital trade-off to keep in mind is that the more features the product offers.
  • Design – The crucial point here is, the solar shower bag needs to be functional. The design should be easy to hang, make the water flow and stop quickly.
  • Water Capacity – This factor usually depends upon the minimum water you require to take a decent shower. Also depends upon how many people are using the shower.
  • Portability – A solar shower bag should be small, compact, lightweight and easy to use rather than a solar shower bag that is not portable, which will probably not be of much use to you.
  • Warranty – Always look for the product offer warranty. Make sure that the customer care of the specific brand responds to the warranty issues. 
  • Size – The ideal solar shower bag is that of 3-gallon. Apart from that, you can choose the solar shower bag depending on your usage. 

List Of 10 Best Solar Shower Bag

With a slew of options to choose from, this section provides a list of the best solar shower bags in 2021 that will be perfect for taking showers in the cold weather or any outdoor activities. The solar shower bags are heated using solar energy and are usually lightweight, easy to use and carry. Without further ado, let’s jump right into finding the best solar shower.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower

Best Solar Shower Bag in 2021,Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower

All in all, Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower is one of the most user-friendly, durable, and high-capacity solar showers bags for camping in the market today. It is designed with an efficient 2-layer construction for optimal heat retention and performance. It is powered using solar technology, which comprises a reflector panel, an insulator panel, a solar panel, and a water reservoir. 

  • Capacity: 5-gallon

  • Weighs: 1 pound 4 ounces
  • Power Source: Solar powered
ADVANCED ELEMENTS StraitEdge2 Pro Inflatable Kayak, Yellow, one Size
  • StraitEdge Tracking System
  • Adjustable Foot Pegs
  • 2-way military valves
  • Drop-stitch floor
  • Self-bailing ports

What We Love

We love that this product comes with a water temperature gauge, so it is possible to know how warm the water is. 

It also comes with an On/Off shower head that saves water. The premium-quality shower hose can be easily stowed and has an extra-large filling valve with a convenient twist-off cap to save water.

The solar shower bag is equipped with a pocket that comprises a reflective mirror that makes it easy to read the temperature enabling you to know when the shower is warm. 

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love the fact that it comes with a hose length of only 16″ long. Apart from that, the valve becomes harder to adjust with soapy hands.

Our Verdict

We totally recommend this product, as it is one of the best deals available in the market. This product is an ideal accessory for your next outdoor trip as it includes everything from a pocket for the soap to the water temperature gauge.

Coleman 5 Gallons Solar Shower

Coleman 5 Gallons Solar Shower

As the name implies, Colemon solar shower bag is a 5-gallon model, making it ideal for more than 1 person. It is made with ultra-durable materials that have a high weight capacity and are tear-resistant too.

It is an ideal option to choose for camping trips or during emergencies when hot water isn’t available.

  • Capacity: 5 Gallon
  • Power source: Solar powered
  • Colour: Black
Portable Shower for Camping, Solar Shower Bag Heating Camping Shower Bag 5 Gallon/20L Sun Shower with Hot Water Removable Hose & Switchable Shower Head Outdoor Shower Bag Camping Traveling Hiking
  • 【PORTABLE SOLAR SHOWER】This solar shower bag is made by environmental friendly and leak proof materials which are safe to human health. It heats water to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours with direct can bring it to keep you clean, from camping trips, hunting, backpacking, boating or any other outdoor activities.
  • 【LARGE WATER CAPACITY】This portable shower for camping can carry up to 5 gallons water for showering outdoor,it’s more than enough for several showers. If you put it on a tree branch it won’t rip or get snagged. Just place the front side facing the sun and it absorbs enough sunlight to easily heat up the water inside.
  • 【SUPPLIED WITH UPGRADED ACCESSORIES 】In this improved and upgraded version, it has a better hose, shower head and water tap. The shower head has a convenient open/close switch , it won ’t leak over time. The longer hose makes reaching all your spots a cinch,the front pocket holds your shower accessories! There’s even a temperature indicator (°C/°F) attached to the bag so you know exactly how hot your shower is going to be!
  • 【SOLAR SHOWER BAG ENVIRONMENTAL AND DURABLE】This outdoor portable shower bag is made by environmental friendly materials which are safe to human health. This deluxe version with multiple layers can further enhance the leak proof feature and make it even more durable!
  • 【WILDLY USE】this Portable camping shower bag is suit for outdoor camping, hiking, backpacking, self-driving, fishing or hunting.It's the best gift for for men husband and Father's Day.The perfect camping accessory for him.

What We Love

We loved that it comprises a handy on/off valve which connected the showerhead. The nozzle equipped with it gives a decent water pressure. It is straightforward to set up and fill to have a good bath.

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love that it does not have a temperature gauge. Minor leakage is present at the showerhead. The solar shower bag is tough to clean and dry after use.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it uses solar energy to heat up the water and is excellent for camping trips during and emergencies and is reliable for hanging and carrying.

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag, 5 Gallons

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag, 5 Gallons

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag is another one of the best solar shower bags available on the market presently. The Solar Shower Bag, RISEPRO 5 gallons, features innovative PVC technology, is made with ultra-durable material, and has a high weight capacity. It is made up of environmentally friendly materials which are safe for human health. 

  • Capacity: 5 Gallon
  • Power source: Solar powered
  • Colour: Green
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
Luqeeg Outdoor Shower Bag, 12L Solar Shower Bag, Portable Camping Shower Bag with Pressure Foot Pump & Shower Nozzle for Camping Beach Swimming Traveling Hiking, Water Temperature Reminder
  • The advanced high‑frequency voltage technology and PVC/TPU waterproof fabric are fully waterproof, sun‑proof and high‑temperature resistant.
  • Hard board design of PE material can support the weight of the package after it is filled with water, and it will not fall easily and stand stably.
  • Water temperature reminder, there is a water temperature reminder bar under the water bag, which displays the water temperature inside the water bag in real time. The large‑caliber lid is easy to clean, and the filling is faster, and the water will not leak after tightening.
  • The water can be discharged by pressing the valve on the shower head , The valve can be opened when you stay and lift it, so that the water flows continuously. The detachable single shoulder strap, using the quick buckle design, is convenient to use.
  • Quickly install the locking interface, just press the red button and insert the water pipe to complete the installation. It is easy to use and can be operated without manual.

What We Love

We loved that the product is equipped with multiple layers that can further enhance the leakproof feature and make it even more durable. 

The solar shower bag includes the front pocket, which can be used to put soap, shampoo and other needed accessories.

It includes an advanced showerhead, enabling you to switch the flow of water from low to high.

It is equipped with an intelligent temperature indicator that can monitor the temperature and is present at the bag back.

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love that the temperature came only with the celsius scale and the hose is made with plastic which can be detached easily. 

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it quickly heats up with solar energy and has a built-in on/off switch for adjusting the water flow. Moreover, the handle on the top of the solar shower bag makes this easy to carry and easy to hang.

Stearns Sun Shower 4 Portable Shower

Stearns Sun Shower 4 Portable Shower

The next option in this list is the Stearns Sun Shower 4 Portable Shower constructed using unique heat-locking materials. It even comes with a built-in thermometer, which can aid in checking the water temperature. It is an excellent choice for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn’t available.

  • Capacity: 4 Gallon
  • Power source: Solar powered
  • Colour: Brow
Quickly Dry Mesh Bag,Hanging Toiletry Bath Shower Organizer Storage,Tote Travel Cosmetics Portable Storage Bags for Bathroom,Gym,Travel,Camp,Beach,Camping (Black, Wash Bag)
  • Premium Material: Made of strong mesh. It also comes with a sturdy, reinforced handle for hanging the tote on a nail or hook. The handle has been reinforced for durability.
  • Large Capacity: Enough to hold all your toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, soap, razors, toothbrush, comb, etc. Makes all of your bathroom accessories organized and shipshape.
  • Multi-Purpose: Great for use in the bathrooms, gyms, showers, swimming pools, traveling, schools, college, beach, etc.
  • Quickly Dry: Breathable mesh material allows the mesh shower bag to dry easily. All you have to do is hang the shower bucket bag on the door, shower, or hook and wait for it to dry.
  • Package Included: 1 x Mesh Bag. If the product has any quality problems, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.

What We Love

We loved that the product is quite affordable and heats up quickly up to 98F in 3-4 hours during a sunny day.

The water flow can be adjusted with the nozzle, which can be operated with soapy hands.

What We Didn’t Love

We didn’t love that the product comes with a tiny hole that is difficult to clean and dry.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it makes an ideal companion for camping and natural disasters when hot water is not available. It is pretty handy and has a strong handle for hanging and carrying.

Fing Portable Shower Bag for Camping 

Fing portable shower bag comes with an upgraded showerhead to bring you a better showering experience. It can be used indoor or outdoor depending upon the needs such as camping, hiking, car washing, kids bathing and so much more.

  • Material: PVC
  • Capacity: 5 gallon / 20L
  • Colour: Black

What We Love

We love that this product comes with a reinforced plastic tube which makes it more durable. 

It also includes front pockets to store your essentials for the shower.

What We Didn’t Love

It is advisable to not add water that is heated up to 50°C(94°F).

Our Verdict

Overall, this product can be recommended for outdoor camping, travel, hiking shower in summer, feel ensuite as it is foldable, easy to carry, easy to store, suitable for home showers and is environmentally friendly. 

Other Solar Flashlight Worth Considering 

If the options mentioned above are not suitable for your purchasing needs. Take a look at a few mentioned below.

Ever Mall Solar Shower Bag

It comes with a water capacity of 10 gallons (40 liters) and will use solar energy to heat water to 45°C in just a few hours.

Toiletry Bag, Shower Bag Travel Wash Bag for Women & Men, Hanging Bathroom Mesh Caddy with Wet & Dry Storage Suction Hook Tote for Gym Business Durable and Professional
  • 〠】This toiletry bag is made of polyester fabric and durable mesh material, , wear-resistant super lightweight, breathable, proof. The mesh bag can be closed with a high-quality zip.
    ã€Large Capacity】The storage bag can store some towels, swimsuits and other personal clothes, and the mesh bag can store shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser and other toiletries. It is a simple yet essential item that always keeps all your bathroom accessories
  • Toiletry Bag, Shower Bag Travel Wash Bag For Women & Men, Hanging Bathroom Mesh Caddy With Wet & Dry Storage Suction Hook Tote For Gym Business Durable and Professional

Pink pari Solar Portable Outdoor Camping

It is made up of non-toxic material and is lightweight. It can be used for outdoor camping showers

PAXCESS 120W Portable Solar Panel with Typc C Output, Off Grid Emergency Power Supply Compatible with Jackery/FlashFish/Anker/Goal Zero Power Station for RV Camping Travel Outdoor Backup
  • 【STAY CHARGED WITH THE POWER OF THE SUN】: The Paxcess 120W portable solar panel bag is integrated with highly efficient Monocrystalline panels, making this a perfect portable solar system. Charging anytime and anywhere, this solar kit is ideally suited for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages; It can also be regarded as a gift to your family and friends
  • 【HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY SOLAR PANEL】: Paxcess highly efficient SunPower panel convert up to 23% of solar power into free energy. You can make the most use of the sun and convert the sunlight into clean energy, this portable solar panel is a great option for RV, camping,road trip, emergency backup CPAP and off-grid power
  • 【FASTER CHARGING TECHNOLOGY】: Equipped with 1* USB QC 3.0 output port(24W Max) and 1* Type C output port (18W Max), compared with other solar panels, Paxcess folding solar panel provides 2X faster speedy for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, lamps, power banks, Macbook Pro, iPad, switch, etc.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE KICKSTAND】: Slightly adjust the angle with the kickstand, get up to 25% more sunlight than flat laying. Recharge your PAXCESS ROCKMAN 200W/300W/500W solar generator and other on-grid and off-grid inverters on-the-go with PAXCESS 120W solar charger for camping, RV trips, emergency supplies, etc.
  • 【MADE FOR SOLAR GENERATORS】: Attached different sizes of connectors, Paxcess portable solar panel designed to fit most larger lithium power stations/solar generators on the market. (1. DC5.5*2.5mm to DC5.5*2.1mm cable for PAXCESS ROCKMAN 200W/300W/500W, ROCKPALS Rockpower 200/300/500 portable power station; 2. 8mm DC connector for Jackery Explorer 160/240/500, BLUETTI etc.

LAVNIK Solar Water Shower Bag

It can be used for outdoor camping hiking as a Showering Bag and is equipped with a tap to control water flow.

Extremus Rainbow Falls Camping Shower, 6.6 Gallons/25L Camp Shower Bag, Solar Heating Green PVC Bladder, Built in Thermometer, Mesh Pocket, ABS Nozzle System, Portable Solar Shower for Camping
  • Portable Camp Shower – The new, Extremus Portable Camp Shower is the perfect companion for any camp set up. Easily portable, quick to set up and large capacity means you can have a warm shower every day while camping outdoors. Simply fill with water, hang from a tree, or other support stand in full sun, and enjoy a warm shower each day.
  • Large Capacity – The Extremus Portable Camp Shower has a higher capacity, 6.6 Gallon/25L PVC bladder that is more than enough for a comfortable shower outdoors. It has a large water fill hole to make filling easy and the ABS nozzle system has a built in On/Off switch to control water flow and save precious heated water.
  • Solar Heating – The black, heavy duty PVC bladder heats water quickly in full sun conditions. It heats water to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours with direct sunlight. There is even a built-in thermometer to monitor water temperature inside the bladder, so you know when you are ready to enjoy a hot shower.
  • Durable PVC Bladder – The heavy-duty PVC bladder is extraordinarily strong to support that weight of 6.6 gallons of water which is about 55 lbs. There is also a durable carry handle which doubles as the support system to hang the shower from a tree or other support high enough to provide a comfortable shower depending on your height. There is even a built-in mesh pocket that holds soap, shampoo or other shower accessories.
  • Storage Bag Included – There is a mesh storage bag included that allows the shower bladder to dry between uses and keeps it safe between trips.

MORADIYA fresh solar shower bag

Comes with a 10-gallon capacity and can be used in the place where electricity is not available.

Tadomoe Portable Shower, 5 Gallons/20L Camping Shower Bag with Portable Shower Pump,Solar Shower with Hot Water,Leak Proof Handy Nozzle Temperature Indicator for Beach Trip, Camping and Hiking
  • Solar Shower for Camping - 5 gallons larger capacity, camp with hot water, with a temperature gauge that shows you the water temperature clearly, bring you a comfortable solar-heated outdoor shower for a beach trip, camping, hiking, and hunting.
  • Rechargeable Smart Shower Pump - Camping shower pump with intelligent pressure detection, stop working once the air pressure of the shower bag reaches 5.0 PSI and start working automatically once the air pressure is below 4.0 PSI. And the flashlight at the bottom is suitable for the emergent field.
  • High-Quality Shower Bag for Camping - Portable shower head with hose, two adjustable spray settings; eco-friendly PVC material, well-tailored and leakproof;easy-to-refill screw cap; reinforced and more durable handle strap; transparent top shows clearly the amount of water.
  • Portable Outdoor Shower - 9.8"(D) X 5.9"(H) compact size travel case when folded, less than 3 lbs at a total weight( include shower bag, sprayer with hose and air pump), easy to carry, must-have accessories for a beach trip, camping, hiking, and hunting.
  • Pack and Go - If you camp, hunt, backpack, fish, go on a beach trip, etc. but have concerns about having a hot shower outdoors, you need it. Perfect for taking a quick shower, rinsing off sands on feet, bathing muddy paws, washing up, grooming pets, and watering flowers in your garden.

What do we mean by a solar shower bag, and how does it work?

Solar shower bags use solar energy and have a black surface to absorb the maximum heat from the sun as the day warms up. They are effective as some bags come with a tap and shower outlet. Solar shower bags use gravitational force to deliver you a decent shower experience. 

Why use a solar shower bag?

Unlike regular showers and the need to shower in remote locations, the solar showers bags work by absorbing the heat component of the solar radiation, heating up water for you to shower. It usually comes with some kind of nozzle which gets turned into shower spray for effective showering. It is pretty portable and environmentally friendly. 

Are they worth it over other conventional options? 

Yes, solar shower bags are worth choosing over any other conventional options. The solar shower bags come pretty handy and are environmentally friendly, it saves the cost needed for fuel, gas, and electricity to heat up the water by absorbing solar power. 

Should you just DIY a solar shower bag 

Yes, it is possible to build a solar shower bag. But rather than spending so much time making it, it is easier to buy it as it is not expensive. Building a solar shower bag is usually the kind of project the experienced builder should take up as it is a potential headache. 

While it is possible to build a practical solar shower bag at home if you have a load of time, extra gear and a few minutes to set up. 

Items you will need

  • Roll of heavy-duty black plastic garbage bags
  • Roll of light rope (40 feet)
  • Roll of lashing cord (40 feet)
  • Pointed object (e.g., stick, ice pick, Swiss army knife, nail)
  • opaque plastic sheet and duct tape
  • Assortment of branches
  • Rubber band

Steps to build a solar shower bag

In simple 7 steps, it is possible to build a solar shower bag. The steps to which are as follows:- 

  1. Fill the garbage bag with a few gallons of water. Gradually add water and lift the bag, making sure that it doesn’t tear when lifted. Secure the top of the bag with a lashing cord and hang them by the tree so that they’ll get sunshine all day long.
  1. Cut four tree branches as thick as a large man’s thumb. Arrange it in a square and lash them together. Then cut two branches of 3½ of the same length, place them diagonally(make a cross) on the rectangle, tie them to complete the framework 
  2. Use two pieces of rope, tying each rope from corner to corner diagonally. Use a keeper knot at the center of each diagonal to keep enough room for your bags of water to sit on the framework.
  3. Through the keeper knot, tie a support rope at the crisscross. Throw one end of the support rope over an appropriate height on the tree and tie off the end of the support rope. 
  4. Use the opaque plastic sheet to make a privacy curtain. Make sure to create a door by overlapping the ends on one side.
  5. Now, the solar shower bag is ready to use. Secure your hot-water bag too. The top and lift the framework to adjust to your height. Poke a few holes in the corner of the plastic bag. So water can flow at a steady speed. 
  6. When showering, use a rubber band to stop the water flow. Two to three gallons of water are usually used in this procedure.

Pros and cons of solar shower bag


  • Weight – The solar shower bag is the best option for camping showers as it is lightweight and can be used for any backpacking expedition. When empty, it weighs just ounces.
  • Ease of UseThe solar shower bag allows you to have a warm shower during camping without a lot of fuss, especially if you don’t want to mess around with the batteries.
  • Low Cost – solar shower bags don’t rely on electricity, gas or heating water. Hence, save your money.
  • Environmentally Friendly– Since the solar shower bags are powered using solar energy, they are eco-friendly as they don’t require power from a battery source or plug-in. Therefore, help conserve Mother Nature.
  • Storage – Solar shower bags are lightweight. It is effortless to store them away after being used.


  • Not Rigid – Since solar shower bags are usually made up of plastics, they can be easily punctured and leaked.
  • Gravity – The water flow needs gravity, so something must hold it high, say a tree. 


  1. How long does a solar shower bag take to heat up? 
  • The answer to this question depends on the temperature. After all, it depends upon the sun and the variable elements of mother nature. Suppose the weather is 80 degrees, then the bad might heat up in less than an hour. 
  1. How to store a solar shower bag?
  • The best practice is to empty it and store the bag by rolling it up.
  1. How can you mount the solar shower bag?
  • You have to be very careful while mounting the solar shower bag as its handles are often not very strong. It is vital that it is mounted over 2.3 meters in the air.
  1. How long does a 5-gallon shower last?
  • According to the Georgia Water Science Center, a regular shower uses 2 and a half gallons of water, so a shower from a solar shower bag should last 2 minutes. If the solar shower bag holds 10 to 15 gallons of water, then it should last 5 minutes.

Tips and tricks for using a solar shower bag

  • A little warning, in summer, the water gets extremely hot, so always test the water before sticking your whole body under it. 
  • Solar shower bags are unfortunately made of plastic. So it is essential to take good care of the bag by not placing it directly on surfaces where it gets torn.
  • Drain the solar shower after usage to prevent icky things from growing within.
  • Before using the solar shower bag, always wash it with lukewarm water. Remember not to use boiling water.
  • As the serviceable life of the solar shower bag ends. Don’t completely throw it away. Keep the parts of it as a spare for the new bag.
  • The more water you pour into the shower, the longer it will take to heat up. So, it is encouraged to add only the water you need.
  • It is advisable to put the shower bag on a black rubber mat to act as an insulator and speed up the healing process.

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