Best Solar Tea Lights list and Reviews for 2021

If you want to enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a candle in your home with no safety concerns, then don’t you worry. Because with the solar tea lights you can fulfill your wish.

So there is no worry about the hot wax or a candle getting tipped or getting a burn by the candle flame.

Because solar tea lights have a flameless and natural flickering design. Not just that, it also helps you to cut down your electricity load because it is solar-powered. So, they are aesthetic and your pocket savior.

You can enjoy the soft glow of these lights indoors and outdoors as well. And add that extra pleasant effect to any occasion. Through these solar tea lights, you can create a warm, beautiful, and romantic ambiance at any place.

With a variety of solar tea lights available in the market, it gets difficult for anyone to choose wisely a perfect light as per their needs. So for your convenience, we have listed in this article some of the best solar tea lights for you.

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Now you can easily pick a perfect one as per your needs by going through this list. With that, let’s begin our list of the best solar tea lights in 2020.

List and reviews of best Solar tea lights

1. Micandle Pack of 6 Outdoor Solar Candles

Micandle Pack of 6 Outdoor Solar Candles

These 2-inch diameter and 2.3-inch height of each candle are fully solar-powered and don’t require additional rechargeable batteries. You can set these tiny and beautiful candles on the windows, dining tables, or anywhere you like. They are easy to use and reliable.

Simply charge it in the sunlight and use it at night. Just turn on the switch of the candle on the bottom and place it under the sunlight to charge.

It will usually take 4-8 hours to completely charge. And after that, you can enjoy the warm and flickering flames of these candles for 5-10 hours.

Meanwhile, the prime material comprises plastic, and it comes with two light color options: warm white and yellow. There will be no dangerous flames or fumes.

These are absolutely safe lighting for your kids and pets. And also totally eco-friendly. It seems perfect to decorate weddings, parties, ponds, dinner, water displays, and more.

With the help of these candles, you can create a romantic ambiance at your favorable place. It can decorate bedroom, party occasions, Christmas night, Valentine’s Eve, Diwali, and any other Festival lighting.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for kids and pets

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2. Advocator 6 Pcs Solar Powered Tealight

Advocator 6 Pcs Solar Powered Tealight

These solar tea lights can be used to illuminate your indoor as well as outdoor areas.

These are made up of LED+PP which is why they are handy and lightweight. Not only that, but it will also present you with a soothing environment.

It’s a solar-powered candle therefore it is great to use it anywhere, whether you want to decorate your garden or use it as a camping candle. It will fulfill all your needs.

Open flames from the real candles could be hazardous but these solar tea lights are completely safe to use. At the same time, you can also enjoy the natural warm white light.

Moreover, they are also easy to use, just put them under direct sunlight. And don’t forget to turn on the switch at the bottom. It will charge automatically. These solar tea lights can light up for 5-10 hours after 4-8 hours of charging.

No wiring or installation is required, simply just switch on the tea light and enjoy the warm romantic flames. The package includes 6 pcs of candles.

They are a perfect choice at romantic dinners, weddings, parties, ponds, water displays, and more.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Long-lasting
  • Functional
  • Rainproof/waterproof

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3. Horeset 6pcs Warm White Solar Power Flickering Electronic LED Flameless Candle

Horeset 6pcs Warm White Solar Power Flickering Electronic LED Flameless Candle

With the help of Horeset solar power tea light, one can decorate special events or dinner with loved ones and add a romantic touch to them.

The solar-powered tea lights are smoke-free, flameless, and absolutely safe to use. As it is solar-powered, so you can use it indoors and outdoors as well.

Because they have no smoke or flames, they are safe to light up around kids or pets. It ensures hours of worry-free ambiance, so you can enjoy your quality time in its warm romantic light.

All you have to do is to charge it for 4-8 hours under sunlight and it will light up for 5-10 hours. In addition, the package includes 6 LED light candles and 3a batteries too.

Horeset gives you a variety to choose from because it comes with three color options: warm white, cool white, and yellow flicker. You can literally get peace of mind and relax in its ambiance.


  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • With an on-off function
  • Weatherproof
  • Safe to use and environment-friendly
  • Three color options

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4. COUTUDI Tea Light Candle

Expower Solar Candle

If you want to enjoy realistic dancing flames without real flames, then COUTUDI Tea Light Candle is for you.

Now you never have to worry about fire-related accidents again because these candles are safe and convenient to use. It is also safe to use around children and pets.

These 2.04×2.28inch size of tea lights are smokeless, flameless, and eco-friendly. They charge themselves under the sunlight and usually take 4-8 hours to completely charge. Once fully fed up they can light up for 5-10 hours.

Solar tea lights or candle lights are the best choices for decorations because they are easy to use, safe, and eco-friendly. And surely cut down the electricity load too.

Coutudi tea lights can be used as mood lights, night lights with votive holders, or other holders like glass cups. Meanwhile, the waterproof design makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor uses.

This solar-powered candle is an ideal decoration option for bedrooms, living rooms, gardens, deck, patios, pathways, restaurants, hotels, cafes as well as weddings, Christmas, valentine, birthday parties, etc, and all kinds of occasions. It will create a beautiful and romantic ambiance.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent quality
  • Safe and non-hazardous
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Battery lifespan: 72 to 100 hours

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5. Expower Solar Candle

Expower Solar Candle

These solar-powered candles are made of high quality and environmentally friendly material. Not only that but also its smokeless, flameless design is safe for children and pets. So no worries about any fire-related issues.

They can charge up in the sunlight and light up for about 5-10 hours. Its rainproof and dustproof feature makes it durable for indoor as well as outdoor uses. These lights won’t light up during the day or in the bright area, it only lights up in the dark when you turn on the switch at the bottom.

And yeah, don’t forget to turn it off when not required. The package includes 6 solar battery-operated flameless candles. At normal use, candles can last 1 to 2 years.

Undoubtedly, these tea lights create a beautiful and romantic ambiance. And ideal to decorate the bedroom, bar, church, garden, living room, bathroom, party, family dinner, and outdoor picnic, etc.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Lasts 4-6 hours
  • Suitable for all kinds of occasion
  • Eco-friendly (low carbon emission)

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6. Cr8vProducts Enlite10 Diwali SunCandle Pack of 4

Cr8vProducts Enlite10 Diwali SunCandle Pack of 4

Enlite10 Diwali Candle is a nature-friendly candle. It recharges itself through sunlight with its built-in solar panel. In other words, the renewable solar energy recharges the AAA battery to provide a nonstop continuous soft glow and safe LED ambiance.

It is designed to conserve energy. Because of the light-responsive sensor, the candle automatically turns on when the sun sets and off as it rises.

Unlike the other solar tea lights, it reduces battery wastage and preserves the longevity of the candle. Its cool LED cast beautiful ambiance. They are designed to stick directly to the windowpane, but also can sit on a sill or be placed anywhere with natural light.

The traditional style diyas/candles make it perfect to use during seasonal, spiritual, and themed events, especially Diwali(festival of lights). So forget the worries of a fire hazard.


  • Unique and slim design
  • Safe and easy-to-use
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Light automatically turns on at night and off at day
  • Front and backlight direction

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7. Dawhud Direct Solar Powered Mosaic Glass LED Decorative Table Light

Dawhud Direct Solar Powered Mosaic Glass LED Decorative Table Light

This Solar-powered mosaic glass table light surely gonna prove to be a beautiful decorative lighting accent for your home. And is an ideal gift for your families or friends.

Its mosaic glass design casts a lovely reflection of colors and resulting in a beautiful atmosphere. And also it provides a decorative touch around windows and any indoor area that receives ample light.

In addition, its glass base can be used as a decorative candle holder all you have to do is just remove the solar-powered LED light. That’s a two in one function isn’t that? So you can use it in the way you prefer according to your need.

The energy-saving and waterproof design make it durable and reliable for your use. The package also included a rechargeable AA battery. It comes in four beautiful color combinations and you can choose the one you like.

It is ideal for patios, decks, gardens, poolside, and walkways. The bright LED lights cast a beautiful pattern which you gonna love for sure.


  • Unique design
  • Decent quality
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Glass base can be used for other purposes
  • Rechargeable AA battery included

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8. Fantado 4 Inch Solar Powered Mosaic Multi-Color Square Glass Tea LED Table Light

The most amazing thing about this 4 inches LED table light is that it’s made of hundreds of cut pieces of colored glass in a mosaic pattern, surrounding a clear glass container.

The LED light is solar-powered and is brushed metal cover with internal plastic housing. Everyone is gonna love the patterns and reflects these solar tea lights create on your table, patio deck, or landscape.

It is an ideal decorative accent as it has features like a built-in battery, solar panel, and light sensor. And because of the light sensor the LED light automatically turns on when it is dark.

Consequently, it will conserve energy when in bright sunlight by turning the unit off. There is also two lighting modes: bright solid white LED mode and color-changing LED mode(gradually changes between colors).

Because of the weatherproof rubber gasket, the LED light will sit securely on the rim of the mosaic and also preventing unwanted elements from getting inside. This LED solar tea light is the perfect decorative accent for your next Wedding, Birthday Event, or Celebration.


  • built-in battery, solar panel, and light sensor
  • Multi-colored design
  • Color-changing feature
  • The weatherproof rubber gasket protects the light from unwanted elements

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9. Kinna Solar Table Lamp Mosaic Glass Ball Light pack of 2

Kinna Solar Table Lamp Mosaic Glass Ball Light pack of 2

To create a romantic atmosphere and to provide a unique visual experience Kinna Solar Table Lamp could be a better choice. It is covered with multi-color mosaic glasses. And it automatically turns on at night.

These solar tea lights are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor uses. They are weatherproof and can also perform well on rainy days. The solar mosaic table light has a built-in NI-MH battery and can put out 5 Lumens bright light. In addition, it also provides 8 hours of continuous lighting after fully charged.

High-performance solar panels have high conversion efficiency. This hand-made mosaic light is truly a beautiful decorative accent that you can use indoor and outdoor as well. They are multifunctional too, as small tools like pens, knives, cards etc. can be placed in them.

The colorful solar mosaic glass ball lights are ideal to dress up your home, room, garden, patio. And if you are not satisfied with this mosaic light, then you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


  • Multi-Functional and durable
  • High efficiency
  • Energy-saving
  • Beautiful design
  • Weatherproof

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10. Pandawill Color Changing Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

Pandawill Color Changing Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

Pandawill color changing solar powered tea lights will surely prove to be your favorite. This isn’t just beautiful but versatile too. It adds that extra touch to the surrounding. The colorful mosaic pattern really catches the eyes.

There are two lighting modes for you: a single-mode that provides soft white light and a color-changing mode( Red-Green-Blue). The lamp lights up for 8 hours after a full charge. In addition, automatically turns on at night.

This versatile solar light can be used for indoor as well as outdoor decorations. Its soft white light makes the mosaic design pop and is eye protection as well.

The lamp has an easy to remove top too. You can buy this beautiful mosaic table light for yourself or giving it to your relatives and friends. The lamps can be simply placed on a table to add some color to a plain party or use its soft white light for everyday use.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back with no reason and 12 months warranty.

It creates a romantic and lovely atmosphere. And is perfect for garden, tables, balcony, bedroom and outdoor decoration at party or daily life. This solar table lamp can meet your different using demands.


  • Auto-turn on/off solar lights
  • Long-lasting for up to 8-10 hours
  • Color-changing mode
  • 30-day money-back and 12 months warranty

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Final Words

With the traditional wax candles, there also come flames and fire-related hazards. But Solar tea lights provide your home the comfort and aura of a candle without the safety concerns.

In addition, the solar tea lights create a beautiful ambiance. The auto turn on/off function makes them convenient for use. They are a perfect idea for decorating your romantic dinner or any event or celebration.

We hope that this list was helpful for you and now you can choose the perfect one as per your needs or demands. If there’s something missing in the list or want to say something, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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