6 Best Solar Tube Lights You Can Buy In 2021

What is better than tube lights? Well, a solar tube light!

Were you raised with high electricity bills? Want to save some bucks on your electricity bill? Then solar tube lights can become a good money saver for you.

Also referred to as light tubes, solar tubes come in pipe-like designs. They comprise a set of mirrors from a house to the rooftop through the ceiling. It, therefore, brings sunlight to a house or apartment as natural light. They are a convenient source of lighting to the home, very practical, and saves energy being pocket friendly.

Here we have provided the list of the 6 best solar tube lights which you won’t regret buying.

Best Solar Tube Lights Reviewed

Most of the products rated below have a rating of 4.5 or more on Amazon. So you can tell that these are some of the best.

1. Solar tube 290DS daylighting

Solatube 290DS daylighting

You can customize this type of solar tube according to the size of the roof.  The owner does not have to make any changes to make it fit into any space as it is quite flexible.

 This solar power tube comes in an Oval shape with a Tube size of 14 inches. and a tube length of 30 ft. long. It can be bent or fold easily into the shape of the room or a roof.

This solar power tube delivers sunlight to an extensive area covering around 300 sq. ft. This makes it ideal for bigger families with big houses and multiple rooms.

It is easy to install after one gets to watch the first demonstration of the installation process. The manufacturer gives a warranty of 10 years for this product and overall it is a 3 star rated product by customers.

Solar Rope Lights 100 LEDs String Lights, 33 ft/10Meter Waterproof Solar Tube Lights Outdoor Lights for Patio, Garden, Party (Warm White)
  • [High Capacity Battery] The solar rope lights chain is equipped with an solar panel and a built-in high capacity battery of 800 mAh to better absorb light energy and store more energy. When lit, it can be charged for 6 to 8 hours in direct sunlight, the light string can light up for 8 to 10 hours, and it will turn on automatically at dusk. (The actual operating time depends on the lighting conditions of the day, such as sunny or cloudy days)
  • [Solar tube lihgts]This outdoor rope lights is equipped with a 10 meter long copper wire that is completely covered by a soft PVC tube. The tube has a diameter of 5 mm and is extremely flexible, so that the light tube can be shaped as desired, such as a snowman-like lighting shape, a superhero or a word, etc. This will bring more fun to your indoor or outdoor activities.
  • [Lihtsing status] Constant light - Flashing light,Solar rope lights is with 33 feet Luminous tube and 100LEDs micro, with steady viewing angle they illuminate in every direction. decorating your gardens, patio, gate, yard, wedding, party
  • [waterproof] solar string lights is designed to be used outdoors, without worrying about the rainy days.
  • [Tips]: 1. Please make sure to charge it for at least 6 - 8 hours in the sun when you turn it on; 2. The actual working time depends on the charge level of the day (sunny / cloudy).

2.Natural Light Skylight: Solar Tube Light

Natural Light Skylight: Solar Tube Light

This type of solar tube light comes in quite a handy type design and delivers a natural light with a 25-year product warranty. It is 18 inches. long and illuminates an area as long as 500square ft.

The solar tube light is ideal for homes, perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, and commercial buildings built at 24 inches on center framing construction.

This is an environment-friendly product that does not make any waste to the surrounding when it gets installed. It is weather-resistant as any changes to the weather do not make changes to the light always shines Bright no fading which makes it more attractive.

Its durability is high and doesn’t crack easily under extreme conditions. The manufacturer offers the installation process. Therefore, you can save time and money and the hassle of looking around for skilled technicians who charge higher.

This product is quite popular among reviewers and clients and overall it is a 4 star rated product by most customers.

SIPLCN 50W Solar LED Skylight (Round 4.7'', 6 pcs) with Radar Sensor and Remote Control, Smart Day Night Lighting by Sun & AC Backup, Dimmable Flush Mount Ceiling LED Light Kits
  • ✅【Natural & Comfortable Light】Through high-efficiency 50W polycrystalline silicon solar panel, the outdoor sunlight is delivered to indoor corners as free daylighting; while the nice LED lights output can avoid aging of furniture without UV nor heat radiation; they are bright (300 lumens /pc*6) but no flickering nor dazzling, good for eye protection.
  • ✅【Long Lasting & Worry-free】Increasing by over 50% LED chips(lighter load on each chip), this solar skylight does not heat up (no matter heat from chips or sunlight), ensuring stable performance & long service life up to 10 years. No hole, dome nor tube on roof, so no worry on water leakage, bugs collecting nor frequent maintenance.
  • ✅【All-Weather Illumination, 100% Solar Priority】No matter sunny or cloudy, as long as there is sunlight, the solar skylight will work by making full use of sun power; in cloudy days, only when people are around, will the lights partially use the adapter’s electricity. It never misses a trace of solar energy nor wastes a single cent of electricity fee.
  • ✅【Handsfree & Dimmable】*Built-in Radar Sensor, Auto On/Off the light-- no need to stop to turn on the lights nor return to off the lights when you pass by. No longer worry about waste of electricity even you forget to turn off the lights. *Wireless Touch Remote Control--you can conveniently adjust the brightness and turn on/off the lights to meet instant need, no extra wiring needed.
  • ✅【One to More, Easy to Install】One solar panel, multiple lamps system—Just need to climb up to roof for once and then 6 lights are powered, saving installation time and labor cost; with 39ft +26ft long waterproof cable (main wires & branch wires) and plug & play quick wire connectors. Ideal for your living room, kitchen, hallway, basement…

3. 14 Inch. Sun Tunnel

14 Inch. Sun Tunnel

This solar power tube comes in a dome-shaped design which makes it different from others. Sun Tunnel is a 14-inch diameter and 8feet long tube and very flexible for fitting onto any kind of roof.

It has a low flashing contour which gives a bright and evenly spread light all around making no area look dim. You can use it in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Reviewers appraise this product because of its flexibility in fitting it to the home which makes the installation easier, also it gives quite a lot of light. This product is well-liked by customers and has a 5-star rating.

Kebaner 2 Pack Solar Lantern, Outdoor Hanging Solar Light Glass Jar Garden Light with 30 LEDs Waterproof Table Lamp Crack Garden Globe Light for Garden Patio Table Tree Yard Decorative Warm White
  • 🔆Unique Design Solar Powered Lantern: Cracked glass jar design create special light effect, classic retro linen lanyard and 30 led copper wire string lights inside the glass jar, all of these will provide your a soft, romantic and fantasy mood.The solar jar lantern light will also be a surprise to your friends or families when it’s a gift.
  • 🔆Solar Powered: Our solar lantern have a solar panel that absorb solar energy during daytime and turn on up to 8 hours at night automatically, no annoying wires or adapters needed.The outdoor lanterns are energy-saving and help you save money.
  • 🔆IP65 Waterproof Design: The handle of lights is made of stainless steel and rope and the shade of it is made of cracked glass ball so that it will NOT RUST. And it is designed to withstand BAD WEATHER such as rainy, windy, or damp climates, So long as the sun exist, so long the glass jar lights is use.
  • 🔆Easy to Use and Operation: Just turn on the switch button on the back of the cap and the glass jar light will work automatically. Solar panel should be full charged when first use, please hang the solar lantern under direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. Then you can enjoy the light from the glass jar like little star or firefly at night, which makes your garden or tree beautiful and fantasy.
  • 🔆Outdoor Garden Decor: Perfect for garden lighting, garden decorations, garden accessories, gardening gifts, lawn ornaments, path, Halloween, Christmas, witch decorations, walkway, fall outdoor decorations, porch, sidewalk and patio, looks great in landscaping, and creates a perfect ambiance for your whole family at the same time.

4. Velux 10″ Double Strength Solar Tube Light

Velux 10" Double Strength Solar Tube Light

This solar tube comes with a low contour flashlight which enables it to spread a uniform light all around the house. It makes up 99.99% of reflective silver because of which it reflects 100% of sunlight to the house which makes it most efficient. It is only one of its kind which comprises a total silver layer.

The manufacturer gives a 20-year warranty for the Tunnel. The installation process is simple and does not take over 2 hours with little effort.

Reviewers like this product because of the label of ENERGY STAR for high efficiency and has an overall rating of 3.5 stars by the customers.

Verilux® HappyLight® Luxe - UV-Free LED Therapy Lamp, Bright White Light with 10,000 Lux, Adjustable Brightness and Color, Plus Countdown Timer - Wall Mount or Stand Included (Champagne Gold)
  • UV-FREE, LED, FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT - Our largest light therapy lamp that delivers up to 10,000 lux for effective, safe, and natural light therapy
  • PERSONALIZED SETTINGS - Customize your experience with 4 brightness levels, 3 HappyHue color temperature options, and a convenient countdown timer that is programmable up to 1 hour, in 5-minute increments
  • IMPROVE SLEEP, MOOD, FOCUS, ENERGY - Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood, increases energy, and enhances focus, leaving you feeling revitalized
  • PORTABLE & PRACTICAL - The ultra-thin tablet design with detachable stand and built-in wall mount makes HappyLight Luxe portable enough for use anywhere and perfect for the winter blues, insomnia, sunlight deprivation, shift work, office employees, and seniors
  • LIFE IN A BETTER LIGHT: As a leader in healthy lighting for more than 60 years, and as the creator of the original HappyLight, Verilux is here for you with live support from our U.S.-based team and an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

5. ODL EZ10T20 10X20″ Tubular

ODL EZ10T20 10X20" Tubular

This solar tube suits areas that need more focus light as compared to others. This is highly reflective which makes a good optimization of light through the shaft.

Photographers can use it as a good light-emitting source for photography. It comes with an extra extension roll for easier installation and we don’t need to buy it from the market.

Customers highly recommend this product in terms of lighting and installation. It has an overall rating of 4 stars.

ODL Entry Door Replacement Frame Set for 1" Thick Door Windows - 24" x 38" Exterior or Front Door Tan Window Frame - 9 Light Grid Pattern for Home Improvement - No Glass Included
  • 24" X 38" DOOR FRAME REPLACEMENT - This frame set kit will replace an existing door window frame with outer frame dimensions of 24” x 38” (+/- 0.25”), the thickness of 1" (NOT 1/2" thick), and door thickness of 1-3/4”. This kit includes 1 inner and 1 outer high performance, molded plastic frame, 1 pack of specially designed screws and 1 pack of screw covers.
  • FOR USE WITH INSTALLED 1" THICK DOOR GLASS- Safe for use behind storm doors. If you still love the look of your existing door glass but need to replace the frame, this is a great choice. Make a beautiful home improvement at a fraction of the cost of a new door.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH STEEL OR FIBERGLASS DOORS - All our door kits are suitable for particular steel and fiberglass doors, depending on the panel configuration, and they must be 1-3/4" thick.
  • TEXTURED, MAINTENANCE FREE PLASTIC- This door frame won't yellow. Before ordering, ensure that the existing glass is held in place by raised molding.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Replacement of the same size existing door inserts typically take under an hour. You only need standard tools like safety glasses, drill with a Phillips head bit, and a putty knife. Two people are recommended to tackle this project.

6. Skylight Kit For Flat Roof

Skylight Kit For Flat Roof

This solar tube is 10 inches long and can emit light to an area of 150square ft. A solar tube is handy and much smaller in design as compared to others.

This solar tube is ideal for flat roofs and brings natural sun bright light to the house. The product is weather-resistant and will continue to emit bright light even in harsh climatic conditions.

Its brighter light emission makes it a special product. The manufacturer gives a 25 years warranty for this product along with a hassle-free installation process with perfection.

YSDS-JZ in Anti-Ultraviolet Striped Awning Sunlight Outdoor Garden Pool Succulent Cover Shading Cloth Table Multifunctional Tent Robust Sail, Including Rope Oxford Fasteners,3M3M
  • the black shade cloth is made of 100% uv stabilized high density polyethylene(hdpe),which different from ordinary plant cover nets. it has anti-aging,corrosion main features, applicable for livestock housing, poultry buildings, greenhouses, hoop structures, barns, kennels and more.
  • 2 our plant cover has taped edge with grommets on every meter (3.3ft) , come enough bungee balls. easy to top of pergola skylights patio for shade, or hang it porch balcony railing privacy, meet your different needs, more stronger and stable than others.
  • one-year warranty – we strive to provide the best quality and for free replacement or full refund in case of problems. if you have any questions, please contact us.
  • portable packaging: roof window shade tent distribution with the same heel storage bag, small and portable, does not take up space. it is more suitable for easily accessible equipment mass outdoor travel.
  • if you have any questions during use, please contact us as soon possible, we will reissue or refund to you, thank you. easy set up and remove, can use it wherever need ; install at an angle ensure rainwater runs off

Final Words

With that, we conclude our review of the best solar tube lights. If you are interested in more solar products, check out our list of the best driveway lights.

You can find other solar products too, such as solar keyboards or solar candles.

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