6 Solar Tube Lights You Can Buy In 2020

Are you raised with high electricity bills? Want to save some bucks on your electricity bill? Then solar power lights can become a good money saver for you.

Also referred to as light tubes, solar tubes are designed like pipes consisting of a set of mirrors from a house to the rooftop through the ceiling thus bringing sunlight to a house or apartment in the form of natural light. They are a convenient source of lighting to the home, a very practical and saves energy being pocket friendly.

Best Solar Tube Lights Reviewed

I’ve researched a lot on the best solar tube lights and found some really great products that are listed on amazon. Some of them are below

1.Solatube 290DS daylighting

This type of solar tube can be customized accordingly to the size of the roof and the owner does not have to make any changes to make it fit into any space as it is quite flexible, can be bend or fold easily into the shape of the room or a roof. This solar power tube comes in an Oval shape with a Tube size of 14 inches. and a tube length of 30 ft. long.

This solar power tube delivers sunlight to a very large area covering around 300 sq. ft. which makes it ideal for bigger families with big houses and multiple rooms.

It is easy to install after one gets to watch the first demonstration of the installation process. The manufacturer gives a warranty of 10 years for this product and overall it is a 3 star rated product by customers.

2.Natural Light Skylight

This type of solar tube light comes in quite a handy type design and delivers a natural light with a 25-year product warranty. It is 18 inches. long and illuminates an area as long as 500square ft. which makes it ideal for homes perfect for kitchens, bedrooms and commercial buildings built at 24 inches on center framing construction.

This is an environment-friendly product that does not make any waste to surrounding when it gets installed. It is weathered control as any changes to the weather do not make changes to the light always shines Bright no fading which makes it more attractive.

Its durability is high and doesn’t crack easily under extreme conditions. The installation process is offered by the manufacturer which saves them time and money and hassle of looking around skilled technicians who charge higher.

This product is quite popular among reviewers and clients and overall it is a 4 star rated product by most customers.

3. 14 Inch. Sun Tunnel

This solar power tube comes in a dome-shaped design which makes it different from others. This is a 14-inch diameter and 8feet long tube and very flexible for fitting on to any kind of roof.

It has low flashing contour which gives a bright and evenly spread light all around making no area look dim. It can be used in the kitchen and bathrooms.

This product is quite appraised by reviewers because of its flexibility when it comes to fitting it to home which makes the installation easier, also it gives quite a lot of light. This product is well-liked by customers and has been rated as a 5-star product all over.

4.Velux 10″ Double Strength

This solar tube comes with a low contour flashlight which enables it to spread a uniform light all around the house. It is made up of 99.99% of reflective silver due to which it reflects 100% of sunlight to the house which makes it most efficient. It is only one of its kind which is made up of a total silver layer.

The manufacturer gives a 20-year warranty for the Tunnel. The installation process is easy and does not take more than 2 hours without much effort but when followed with all the instructions carefully.

This product is much liked by the reviewers because it is labeled as ENERGY STAR for high efficiency and has an overall rating of 3.5 stars by the customers.

5.ODL EZ10T20 10X20″ Tubular

This solar tube is specially designed for areas that need more focus light as compared to others. This is highly reflective which makes a good optimization of light through the shaft.

It can be used by photographers for a good light-emitting source for photography. It comes with an extra extension roll for easier installation and we don’t. need to buy it from the market.

This product is highly recommended by the customers in terms of lighting and installation and has an overall rating of 4 stars.

6.Skylight Kit For Flat Roof

This solar tube is 10 inches long and can emit light to an area of 150square ft. A solar tube is handy and much smaller in design as compared to others. This solar tube is ideal for flat roofs and brings natural sun bright light to the house. This product is weathered control and will continue to emit bright light even in the harsh climatic conditions.

Its brighter light emission makes it a special product. The manufacturer gives a 25 years warranty for this product along with a hassle-free installation process with perfection.

It is a highly recommended product by customers because of its high quality and has an overall rating of 3.7.

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