How long does it take to install Solar Panels?

Solar energy sources are the best alternative for conventional energies, which is best for today while considering the electricity bills. Environment concern is the other factor involved while installing the solar power panels at your home or office space.

Solar power is the best source of power one can get, which has many advantages. Solar power functionality, usage, and installation are noted when switching to solar power. Quality matters when installing solar panels since it has an extensive construction plan and proceedings in the process. Experts involved render the plan effectively.

Often people get confused about solar power installation and other factors which help in doing it shortly and effectively. It seems to be a long process, but one can do the job effectively within weeks of installation with some expert team and crew.

  • Solar Company
  • Area coverage Assessment
  • Design Approval
  • License Approval
  • Installation
  • Local assessment and Connection

Solar Company

After deciding to go for solar power, one should start with the best solar power company that gives you the best service from the beginning, like installing, explaining the functionalities for their efficient use. One can search companies by seeing their reviews and service given by them. Small companies give you the best structure plan, but it does take some time while installing because of their labor numbers compared to the big companies.

The solar company will give you all the details about your solar panel installation. Many companies give you the whole structure it will follow before installation for your view about it. The best company should have the overall structure of the solar panel construction. The well-known company reduces your job while installing solar panels with its labor availability and service people management control within the company.

The best company will take some time to assess many factors around the solar panel installations. Every authorized company will check the elements in the solar panel to give the best solar construction at your home. After designing the structure of the solar panel installation, the company has to proceed with the next step to ensure the installation is quick and safe.

So let us see what factors take time and which job involves some involvement by the expert for better installation. These are some prime factors to be noted.

Area Coverage Assessment

The main important factor in installing the solar panel is assessing the area it will be installed. The area decides the most factors while installing and about its efficient use. These factors effectively give the panel structure and the area structure which is going to work.

Solar panel installation under shadow areas won’t do any good to the area you are installing. The site needs to be an open space with so much light penetrating through it to have a better source of sunlight to enter. Obvious sunlight is the primary source of solar panels. So selecting such space around your home is essential.

Space available also plays a very prominent role in installing solar panels. Constructing solar panels needs big space for extensive usage and effective output. By inspecting the design and construction, solar panels are installed in such a way to use those factors. The exact measurement of the area and how many solar panels are required for your usage are taken into account to give a proper installation which takes some time initially but for the best outcome.

Design Approval

The main approval is the design approval. It is based on the area measurement and how many panels are required to give you the power needed. The panel should be under the sunlight to provide us with the best power, so the design should be kept wide open under the area where the sunlight source is high during the daytime.

The area it is covering is also considered because it gives you the best picture of the design you are implementing. The Measurement ensures no wastage of installing many solar panel grids in the area which goes unused in the future. Perfect measurement and correct numbers of solar panel grids give us the best electricity we need.

Experts have the outline of the basic structure of any solar panel grid installation in hand to provide us with the proper guidelines regarding that. So the experts sure will approve only if the installation is done under all these guidelines and instructions.

License Approval

After all the design and structure conclusion, the next step is the License authorization for constructing the solar panels at your home space. Approval is a significant concern while constructing new buildings around our space. So while considering solar panels, it is needed the most.

According to the surroundings and the design of solar panel construction, it needs approval from the Authority who approves the installed it after checking all the parameters it needs to be checked. Approval takes some time to ensure they didn’t involve any hurdles while installing the solar panel.

The approval team involves an expert in solar panel construction who inspects the entire design structure you will develop around your area. The expert will give you the precise structure of the solar panel’s construction and the needed factors while installing it in your space. If it matches the structure of one, they can start installing the solar panels. But sometimes, it takes some more time for approval because of many factors like low space coverage and solar panel quantity within the small area.

After approval, one can start their construction of solar panels around the specified and approved area the expert has given them.


So, after all the inspection about the construction plan and solar panel structure around the area, one can proceed with the installation. Installation needs some experts to do that can be done by a day’s work.

If you prefer to do the installation with a small company where experts are few to do the work, of course, installation takes time. But they sure give you the best process of constructing solar panels in your space. The installation can be done effectively if some solar panel experts are involved in the process.

Getting approval does take as much time as a week, but after getting that installation takes a few days to complete the whole process.

Local Assessment and Connection

After all the installation process and approval of the government authority, one needs to get approval from their local site allocation approval for the final connection to the solar panel grid. This is an important step in the processing of solar panels further.

After all the process of selecting, a concern with the experts involved and assessing the site for the construction planned. The final stage is to connect to the main solar panel grid for their commencement of the process.

For connections, the company will submit all the solar panel construction plan procedures to the authoritative company. It should have the proper meter connection to know the energy it produces. So all this process takes around 3 months to start their process, which gives us the power we need.


Solar panel grids installation is a tough job to process with all the steps involved since solar panel usage among the consumers is developing slowly with fewer experts in this field.

With the fewer experts and the hard permitting process in certain areas, the solar panel grid connection gets delayed. All the guidelines and instructions in installing a solar panel grid are challenging to make it an efficient process.

However, in the last few years, the use of solar panels has increased greatly among the general public. The material is becoming widely used and thus getting cheaper. Consequently, a lot of jobs are also being created in this sector thus asking for skilled workers. Definitely, in a few years time, the installation process will also become easier and faster.

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