13The Solar fountain pump is a solar-powered device that runs fully on sunlight without the use of electricity or fuel. The radiations received by the sun are turned into electrical energy in a solar panel. This electrical energy is used to drive the motor that suctions up the water into the fountain being eco-friendly. Below is the list of some fine solar powered fountain pumps which can be a great use for you.



This is a premium quality black solar water pump that is fully eco friendly with a maximum spray height of 50cm. it fully runs on solar power, brighter the sunlight received, better it works. it does not need any battery or electricity for operation. This solar power pump is lightweight, efficient, and cost-effective.

It is waterproof, rust-resistant, and weather control. It is designed in such a way to make it suitable for Outdoor use as it can resist corrosion. The package comes with a built-in brushless motor and Four different types of nozzles which enables one to customize the height of water in different patterns accordingly.

solatec is easy to use and attractive stuff, just make sure the pump is immersed in an inadequate amount of water so that it can run automatically after receiving sunlight.

This Solar power pump can be used in many ways such as;:- Birdbath, Fishtank, Pool, Small pond, Decorating garden, oxygen water circulation, etc. This beautiful piece surely attracts everybody’s attention including birds.

This Solar Power pump comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year and mostly liked by most of the customers. OVERALL RATING-4.5 STARS.


This is an eco-friendly solar running fountain that comes with a built-in battery which helps it to store electricity while working. It has a maximum spray height of 70 cm. It comes with a built-in water level monitoring system designed mainly to prevent overworking when the basin runs out o water. It has built-in brushless motor provided for longer service life. This solar fountain is highly efficient with a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours. It has a detachable washable solar fountain which makes its cleaning hassle-free.

The package comes with 4 different types of Nozzles so that one can easily get the desired height and shape of spray accordingly. It works well under cloudy weather or when the sunlight is weak. It is noted to charge the solar panel for 30 minutes before use.


it can be used as a birdbath, for fish tank, garden decoration, small pond, water circulation for oxygen.

  • Built-in battery
  • 4 kinds of Nozzles
  • Built-in water level monitoring system
  • Manufacturer warranty 1 year with a full money back
  • Overall rating 4 stars.


This solar power water pump is beautifully designed to add ambiance to your garden and attract birds and is fully solar-powered and needs no battery or electricity to run effectively. It has no built-in battery to store power only works in the daytime under sufficient comes with 4 Nozzles for four different water patterns. its small size and beautiful design make it perfect for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, and swimming pool.

it starts automatically in 3 seconds like all other solar pumps under sunlight. It is easy to install and has been rated 4 stars by the customers.

100% product satisfaction guaranteed The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty and 30 days hassle-free money-back guarantee for this product.


This solar power pump has larger and more efficient solar cells that ensure the fountain work longer in the day. It is fully dependent on sunlight to run and no battery or electricity is needed. It s a highly efficient solar panel with a brushless pump that runs automatically under sunlight. It can spray water up to the jet height of 50-60cm. It comes with 8 selectable sprayers/nozzles which enables us to choose different height and designs of the spray accordingly.

It is easy to install just put the pump on water, the fountain will auto pump in 3 seconds once the solar panel gets sunlight. This solar power pump can be used for multiple applications like it is perfect for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, patio, lawn, water circulation for oxygen.

The manufacturer provides 12 months warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee for this product .overall this product has been rated 3.5 stars by the customer.


This solar power water pump runs automatically on solar energy, no extra power needed, energy-saving, and environment friendly. it consists of a high-efficiency solar panel and a new brushless pump. It comes with six different kinds of nozzles/spray heads to experience different types of flow. As it is -powered by solar energy, the height of fountain water depends entirely on the strength of the sunlight received. One just needs to place the water pump in immense water for better operation.

It is advised to clean the water pump and water regularly to avoid blockages which can cause by polluted water or dirt.

It is designed in such a way to give your garden a beautiful look and attract birds and butterflies. It can be used for birdbath, small ponds, pools, fish tanks, gardens, water circulation for oxygen.

It is mostly liked by customers because of its durability,  easy to install and operate a function. Aurrra provides good quality and best service for solar-powered water pumps. For any query, you can contact directly to the manufacturer.



This eco-friendly solar fountain pump comes with a beautiful design of patent calendula shape which adds in an extra beauty to your garden. It is fully powered by solar energy and does not come with any built-in battery to store power yet it performs well under the sun and runs automatically within 3 seconds of sunlight received. Brighter the sunlight received, the higher the height of spray.

It doesn’t work well under bad weather or low sunlight. It comes with 4 nozzles for four different water patterns to be customized accordingly.

Its flexibility and small size make it a perfect fit to be used as a birdbath, fish tank, pond, swimming pool. If the product doesn’t satisfy you, the manufacturer gives 30 days hassle-free money back option and a 1-year user warranty for the product.



This eco-friendly solar power water pump can be moved easily to different locations, no plugs required, runs automatically, no battery or electricity needed. It comes with a new brushless pump and a very effective solar panel. It starts up fast, highly efficient and has strong stability.

This solar fountain has 8 kinds of spraying style because4 0f the presence of 8 different types of nozzles. The maximum spray height achieved by this product is 18″ inches.

This solar fountain pump can be used for multiple applications such as for outdoor birdbath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen.your birds would definitely love bathing in it. More than 1000,000 customers chose ANKWAY SOLAR FOUNTAIN PUMP to attract birds and bring gardens vitality.

The manufacturer provides hassle-free customer service for 12months to all its customers.


This solar-powered fountain comes with a new upgraded water level sensor, built-in battery, 2.4W Solar panel kit, and brushless motor for longer life.

It fully runs on solar power no electricity or external power needed, i.e, no wastage, and wireless. Its upgraded water level sensor avoids overworking of the pump when it senses no water which saves energy.

It’s the power-saving ability through built-in battery stores the sunlight when in operation and makes use of it when there is harsh weather or no sunlight.

Its maximum spray height is 27″ inches high, also it has 4  nozzles for four different types of spray height.

It is used as an Outdoor watering submersible pump for pool, birdbath, fish tank, aquarium, ponds, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen.

This solar fountain is designed in such a way to provide you with a longer time of service. Besides having all the important tech-features this product is not much liked by the customers and some of them even complained that the product doesn’t work well after a few uses.



If You are looking for a classy yet effective power pump than flantor solar power pump is a perfect fit for you. It is beautifully designed with a rose in the middle of it surely attracts viewers’ attention.

Your birds and butterflies would love bathing in it giving your garden an aesthetic look.

It is easy to use just place the pump in the fountain water and let the sunshine on it and it will automatically start within 3 seconds of exposure to sunlight. Flantor is an upgraded solar fountain that shines when the sun goes down or in dark.

It can also work under shades and in the night by using up the energy that was saved during the day.


  • Eco-Friendly: Flantor is a solar pump that requires no electricity or battery to run, it is easily moved from place to place and safe for families with kids because there is no plug.
  • Multifunctional: Flantor comes with 8 different sprayer heads which give different heights of spray with different patterns.
  • A year warranty: there is a year warranty on the product if it fails to satisfy you.
  • It can be used as a birdbath, small pond, swimming pool, fish tank, decoration of the garden, etc.

This product is highly recommended and much liked by the customers.

Overall ratings _ 4 Stars

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